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Montana Family Trip

No description

Grace Wagner

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Montana Family Trip

From North Dakota to Montana
On the way to Montana my cousin and I rode with my grandpa and grandma. We wanted to listen to Pop music and my grandpa thought Ed Sheeran sounded like rap and he doesn't like rap so we listened to 60's and 70's music the rest of the 12hours...
In Bismarck we ate at Perkins then kept driving.
Then we kept driving...
Only 8 hours left.
Finally we were in Montana
About an hour left
After taking a few easy pit stops we got to this town I don't remember the name of and we ate at a pizza place.
Finally we got to my uncles house along with the rest of the family and while we were there for 1 week we climbed a mountain, went to a few caves, got lost on a mountain, went shopping,went to yellow stone, floated a river, jumped off a bridge, had lots of camp fires, saw a lot of antelope, and did lots more! Then on the way back we repeated the stuff we did on the way there.
What I Did in Montana
Montana Family Trip
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