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Welcome to STLO Kick Off

No description

Eric Wilson

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to STLO Kick Off

Welcome to STLO Kick Off
Why Are We Here?
Account set up

Differentiate shell and account

Explore the Blackboard environment

Straight talk about contents, REC and ADA!

Discuss the Yellow Brick Road to completion
Blackboard Learn 9.1

Sets the standards of online learning and teaching internationally

Fall 2013, Blackboard was up 99% - Hosted by Blackboard

New and improved tools coming in 2014!
Thinking Ahead
Have your contents be a part of the system...

- web pages creating in Blackboard is simple, easy and fun
- allows for easier reading for your students
- accessible on computers, laptops and tablets
- ADA compliance
- add images, links, videos and sounds and make class interactive
- add measurable tools
Experience in LMS or Learning Management System
My past experience include

A. WebCT
B. Moodle
C. Blackboard Academic
D. Blackboard Learn
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Online Teaching Experience
I have taught online in the past...

A. Yes
B. No
Electronic Contents
I have my contents in the following format:

A. Paper
B. Word
D. Web pages
E. None of the above
Things You Should Know
Blackboard is a web based program

You need to have the following:
- Computer (desktop or laptop is good)
- Windows 7 or 8 or Macintosh OS X
- Browser (Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
- Tablets not fully recommended
- Internet connections
Accessing Blackboard
Do not use MyOCC to access Blackboard

Go to www.orangecoastcollege.edu and use the toolbar

Directly connect to occ.blackboard.com
Let's Try It
Use your MyOCC log on to get in
Current contents can be converted
PDF document is HIGHLY encouraged
- Locks down the content
- PowerPoint or Keynote files in handout mode and PDF
- Let students decide to print or use screen reading
- Universal format for computers and tablets
- Can use various tools to annotate
Measuring Success
With Blackboard Assessment tools, you can measure success with

- Quizzes and online testing
- Assignment and grade them without printing a thing
- Journals, Wikis, and Blogs
- Collaborative Learning Tools (Groups)
A Few More Important Items
ACJCC and State of California require that you must provide two things in your online classes

- Last day of attendance (must be recordable or documented)
- Regular Effective Contact initiated by Faculty
Lets Demo and Look at Tools
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