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Divergent and Interpersonal Communication

Book Sell

Brandon DeChirico

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Divergent and Interpersonal Communication

Symbiotic interaction theory
Each faction is represented by a symbol and a word that is understood to signify its ideals and how each member of the faction should live their life. However the word itself has nothing to do with the concept of each faction they just gave meaning as to what it means to be each of those words. The same applies to those considered Divergent.
Each faction is essentially a different culture and therefore has different views on expressing emotion. For example, Amity are kind and care free and are told to share how they are feeling whereas Dauntless if you are "in touch" with your emotions you are weak.
Culture and the expression of Emotions
Psychological Noise
Social Penetration Theory
In the beginning of the movie Four is very cold towards Tris but slowly begins to develop feelings for her. Eventually they beging to share more and more private information to one another that intensifies the intimacy in their relationship.
Interpersonal Communication and Divergent
identity Management Theory: FACE
Snyopsis: Set in North America's future, within the walled city of what used to be Chicago, is a series about a society that has digressed into using a faction system as a way of governing life. All most people know is that there was a great war that tore apart their society. In hopes of rebuilding what they had lost a large settlement of families agreed to be a part of this "experiment" to live in this secluded city and create the faction system that would one day bring back what was lost. However it has been decades since the project started and the goal was lossed throughout the years. People are split into the faction system based on their character and each faction governs your way of life. But what if you do not fit into a faction? At the age of 16 you are given an aptitude test that suggests what faction you should join but ultimately it is your choice. It is not easy for all because some do not fit into any faction and they are Divergent. However, being Divergent is frowned upon because it is different and they cannot be controlled by the faction system. The story follows a girl Tris and her journey of discovering she is Divergent and what that means in her society.
In the movie Divergent, Divergents are seen as a problem within their society because they do not fit into any faction. They are feared for their ability to think in a multi-tracked way. They cannot be controlled by the faction system that has governed them for so long.
Those who are Divergent are constantly living in fear of revealing their true selves. They always use face meaning they have to be careful how they present themselves. "Faction before blood," is the motto they live by. They hide themselves in their factions, always acting and operating like everyone else in their faction so they won't be ostricized or killed.
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