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Song Lyrics!! (:

Literary Elements Project

Emma Schupbach

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Song Lyrics!! (:

Understatement-- Allusion-- Parallelism-- Analogy-- Paradox-- Foreshadowing-- Onomatopoeia-- Simile-- " We were shining like lighters in the dark in a middle of a rock show" - "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"
- Jake Owen "Just gonna stand there
and watch me burn,
well that's alright
because I like the it hurts." -"Love the Way You Lie"
-Rihanna and Eminem Irony-- Situational- Verbal- Dramatic- Metaphor-- Alliteration-- Personification-- Movie and Song quotes that you
can't forget!!
That have to deal with Literary Terms!(: BY: Emma Shupbach
Canyon Lundy Thanks!! (:(: "Cause if I don't know,
then I don't know...
but I may know someone
who knows me more than I"

-"Curl up and Die"
-Relient K "Boom Clap Boom de Clap de Clap
Boom Boom Clap
Boom de Clap de Clap"
-"Hoedown Throwdown"
-Hannah Montana (: "Some days I feel
like I'm
wrong when
I am right."
-"Little Talks"
-Monsters of Men "The stars lean down
to kiss you and I lay awake and miss you"

-"Vanilla Twilight"
-Owl City "And don't you cry my darling,
New York is the ocean."
-Margot & The Nuclear So and So's "Have you forgotten when
those towers fell we had
neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And you say we shouldn't
worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten" -"Have You Forgotten"
-Darryl Worley - Juliet in Romeo and Juliet "Maybe I'm a
different breed
Maybe I'm not
listening" -"Sail"
-Awolnation "A rose by any other
name would smell as
sweet" "Why do I get the feeling
you will be the death of me?" In Star Wars
Episode 2
Obi Wan quoted Donkey: Can I
stay with you?
Shrek: Of course.
Donkey: Really?
Shrek: NO.

-"Shrek" In the movie
her dress gets ripped up and we don't think she can go to the ball, but then she can (:(: In the
"Hunger Games"
We know that
they are going to throw fire at her in the forest, but she doesn't know that!
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