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A Whole new Journey

September 3, 2013 with the Instructional Coaches of DSBN

paulette alcox

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of A Whole new Journey

Getting to know you
I said "yes" to coaching because...

Items of Business
Our Calendar
capacity building
meeting with SSS
Unit writing project
OAME conference
monthly staff meetings
Let's take a break!
A Day in the Life...
working in groups, create an itinerary for a typical coaching day in September and one for a day in November. Be prepared to share not only what you do, but what are the related secrets of success.

For your own self-reflection...
What might be the criteria for a successful day
I love to laugh at...
My favourite moment of the summer included...
My best quality is...
The main reason I became a teacher is...
Most people don't know this, but...
My favourite [insert your own category] is...
Best summer read was...
The best lesson I ever taught was about...
If my weekend magically had 2 extra hours I would...
...in November?
...in September
Criteria for a successful day of coaching
Things to do:
Select and read about a current model for coaching.
Discuss with a partner those ideas you feel our coaching model should
and those you feel our coaching model should
Record your thoughts and be prepared to share them with the group.
Developing our made in DSBN Coaching Model
Why we need our own model...
Welcome to a whole new journey!
My answer to "What does a DSBN Instructional Coach do?"
meaningful enough to leave the listener with a clarified understanding of your role
creative enough to reflect the fascinating person you are
Criteria for an effective elevator speech:
concise enough to be said in an elevator ride from the main floor to the tenth floor
CIL involvement
PD money and book orders
Unrolling new curriculum
phone numbers in Paulette's cell and on fan out
Any questions?
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