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The Panopticon

No description

Aaron Fowler

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Panopticon

Panoiptic Prision Deseign Other Structures Panopticon as a Metaphore THE PANOPTICON WHAT IS A PANOPTICON? Jeremy Bentham

* Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
* Balassagyarmat Fegyház és Börtön (Prison) — Balassagyarmat, Hungary
* Carabanchel Prison — Madrid, Spain
* El Palacio de Justicia y Cárcel de Vigo (modern El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) — Vigo, Spain
* Caseros Prison — Buenos Aires, Argentina
* Palacio de Lecumberri — Mexico City, Mexico
* Chi Hoa — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
* Fleury-Mérogis Prison — Fleury-Mérogis, France.[6]
* Huron Historic Gaol — Goderich, Ontario, Canada
* Insein Prison — Insein, Burma
* Kilmainham Gaol — Dublin, Ireland
* Koepelgevangenis (Arnhem) — Arnhem, Netherlands
* Koepelgevangenis (Breda) — Breda, Netherlands
* Koepelgevangenis (Haarlem) — Haarlem, Netherlands
* Millbank Prison — London, United Kingdom
* Prisión Modelo — Barcelona, Spain
* Mount Eden Prisons — Auckland, New Zealand
* Old Provost — Grahamstown, South Africa
* Panóptico — Bogotá Prison (today the National Museum of Colombia)
* Pelican Bay State Prison — Del Norte County, California, United States
* Port Arthur, Tasmania Prison Colony — Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
* Presidio Modelo — Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
* Round House — Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
* Special Handling Unit — [1] Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada
* Stateville Correctional Center — Crest Hill, Illinois, United States
* Twin Towers Correctional Facility — Los Angeles, California, United States
Panopticon-inspired Prisions THE PANOPTICON WORLD WE LIVE IN
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