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India: Colonization to Independence

Presentation on India's rule by the Mughals and how that transpired rule to the British wish ultimately led to India's Independence.

Kim Madison

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of India: Colonization to Independence

India: Colonization to Independence Muslim Rule Muslims began invading India in the 700s BC Some Indians converted to Islam Muslims became a large minority group in India 1526: Mughals made India part of their Muslim Empire Akbar was their greatest ruler:

he ruled fairly

he gave many Hindus jobs in his government This helped Hindu & Muslim relations! Taj Mahal Decline of Mughal Empire British Rule Mughal ruler Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a memorial tomb for his wife 1600s: Wars weakened the Mughal Empire Foreign traders had been setting up trade posts in India Foreign traders gained more power as Mughal Empire weakened; especially the British Direct Rule 1858: British took direct rule over India The British:
imposed taxes over the Indians

took over their land

passed laws which gave the British more rights than the Indians They also:
Controlled what crops the Indians could grow

took the crops to be sold to other areas under British control

let the Indians keep very little of the crops they grew Indian National Congress Formed in 1885 to gain equal status for Indians and to work towards independence for India Gandhi Independence Muslim League Many Muslims within the Indian National Congress grew weary that a Hindu majority country would shut them out of the government The Muslims thus created the Muslim League to gain independence of India and partition it into 2 states: a Muslim state & a Hindu state Mohandas Gandhi was a lawyer who studied in England and became one of the best known leaders of the Independence movement for India. He urged the Indian National Congress to use non-violence in their methods of gaining peace. He was successful! 1947: At the end of World War II, the British gave India independence. Partition India was split into 2 groups: India (Hindu majority) and Pakistan (Muslim majority)
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