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No description

Andrea Negah

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Research

A volcanic eruption is casting a cloud over the european economy. The volcano erupted last week Wednesday in Iceland near the Eyjafjallajokull
glacier. The eruptions are weakening but ash already in the air continues to blow
towards Britain. More than 63,000 flights in Europe have been cancelled because of the ash. Flights will severly disrupted as long as ash is detectable
in the air. Ash is composed of abrasive silica materials.
It can damage tha airframe and flight surfaces, clog different
systems, and flame-out jet engines making it unsafe to fly. Flights Cancelled Volcano In Iceland Volcanic Eruption The eruption could set of Iceland's Katla Volcano. That volcano could be 10 times
more powerful than the current eruption.
Scientists say that another ash cloud isn't likely because the first one occured during unusual wind conditions.

The Volcano Icelands airports close for the 1st time A week after the volcano erupted Icelands airports are closing down for the first time. Passengers coming to and from Iceland will have the option of being re-routed to a different airport. Europes airports are expected to be open on April 23.
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