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No description

Rukaya Johaadien

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Databases

Built for inserting and retrieving information from/into tables of data

Who has used a database?
SQL = Structured Query Language
Used to interact with the database tables
Insert, Update, Delete, Retrieve info

"Hey database, give me a list of all the people who like cake"
Programmers build graphical interfaces so you can just click buttons instead of writing code. Easy!

Web or desktop based, often an android/iphone app .
People bundle
graphical interfaces
database table structures
make them
slightly configurable
, and sell them/give them away so other people can use them.

Especially useful for things which are often done. E.g.:
Typical tables:
Posts (author, post content, date)
Comments (author, comment, date)
And in our industry?
Kansas University
Built to manage museums collections
Oxford University
Built to manage herbaria collections
Packages containing tables for
biological research collections
These configurable packages
can save a lot of time

However if it's nowhere near what you want, there is no point in trying to force things.
These are called
Database/Content Management Systems
Sometimes you need more flexibility
You're not reinventing the wheel, but it's more flexible...
... But more work to configure
select * from
people where
food = "cake"
Easier than copying, but still a bit hard...
select * from
articles where
category =
How to link
these 2 tables to easily retrieve the info we want?

The hard way:
There's also a mixture of CMS/DBMS & framework:

Remember: You are aiming to save time, effort & money while not compromising too much on your requirements

When making technology decisions, remember:
Database (joined up excel tables) + User interface
Fancy application
Excellent if you can find one to save time!
The bottom line:
Record of plants found on walks
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