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jaden fisher

on 20 November 2014

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Hi! My name is Jaden and I have autism.
Understanding speech:
Some people say things really fast and it is hard to understand.
Not everyone with autism can talk.
Some people talk, but they are just repeating things.
They are not using their own words.
Autistic people have feelings.
We don't like to be treated like a baby.
People with autism have a hard time with making their thoughts organized.
Autism is a problem with the brain that you cannot help.
Some people that can't talk use iPads or computers to talk.
I am not dumb. Just because we can or can't talk doesn't mean we are dumb!!!
It may seem funny, but it is very frustrating!
The thoughts get stuck and you cannot say what you mean.
Then...they want an answer right away!
We need time to think about what was said and then think about our answer.
Most of us are very smart and that makes us very FRUSTRATED!!!!
Sometimes even very smart people have trouble making the right words.
When you ask for my attention, it makes it hard for me to listen when you aren't listening either.
People with autism think in pictures. If you want to help someone with autism understand, show them a picture. (added by RW)
We don't like it when people think that we don't get what's going on.
We know when people are talking about us or making fun of us. Be nice and try to help instead.
Brian Pody sat next to me in summer school. He helps me and is very nice.
Austin and some other people are good at helping me too.
Be nice to people with autism.
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