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The Bedouins of the Sahara

No description

Lachlan Kennedy

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Bedouins of the Sahara

By Lachlan Kennedy The Bedouins of the Sahara Who are the Bedouins? Education of the Bedouin Bedouins are desert people that are nomadic (move from place to place). Bedouins are found in the Sahara, the Middle East, Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Northern Africa. The Bedouins are a nomadic race meaning that they move from place to place. They have tents in which they live in when they move around the desert. Where do the Bedouins live? Bedouin food is very simple. They used a lot of flour and rice. They make a lot of bread as there is not much fruit and vegetables around. What is the transport and food for the Bedouins? Bedouin clothing is very similar to Arab clothing.
Women are covered from head to toe in a black veil with only their eyes showing. Men have a turban like head wear and white robes. Bedouins clothes and beliefs By law, bedouin must have education. Unfortunately, many of the Bedouin do not finish high school or get to university. The orange area is where the Bedouins live Bedouins used to use camels but with new technology they use jeeps and pick up trucks The Bedouin are Islamic and follow the god
Allah. Their daily travels are influenced by their God and their religion. Thank you for listening to my presentation
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