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The Pushcart War

No description

Stefan Jones

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Pushcart War

The Puschart War
Traffic Commisioner's Ideas:

To cut down on the amount of trucks
Make sure all pushcarts stay on the sidewalk
This should help traffic run smoother Truck Driver's Ideas
The pushcarts should leave us alone and we won't be so violent Pushcart Peddler's Ideas
I think most of the trucks should be off the street, because they are so violent.

City Worker's Ideas
The trucks are in the way of my barbershop.
Cars can't come in the entrance, so i am losing my business
The problem is all the trucks on the streets. They are the problem becauase they are blocking streets and causing havok. But some people are blaming it on the puscharts. But these are our ideas. Some of the conflicts and problems, the Pushcarts and the trucks have been in the Peace War and the Pea Shooter campaign. I think the streets of New york is fine. To me it slow every thing down so the people in New York have less accident. I think that is a very good thing. For everyone and everything. I think if the puchcarts just leave usn alone everything will be ok. Our group has come to a consensus that the trucks are too big. We need smaller trucks and diffirent lanes for both it shows regular cars compared to the trucks in pages 32, 37, 15, 26, and 27. Quotes
Page 15- Mack threatens to run over Morris the Florists cart.
Page 26 and 27- All the trucks sell something that starts with the letter "p"
Page 32- Truck Drivers crowded other driver to the side of the streets. Truck Drivers put trucks in the streets, to get the best spots.
Page 37- Wenda Gambling speaks about the trucks and how they're to big
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