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"Before Hip Hop was Hip Hop" by Rebecca Walker

No description

Kyndall Blake

on 2 February 2018

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Transcript of "Before Hip Hop was Hip Hop" by Rebecca Walker

"Before Hip Hop was Hip Hop" by Rebecca Walker
"Before Hip Hop was Hip Hop"
1st paragraph: Does Walker's choice of words create a formal or informal tone? Which words do this?
What rhetorical device do you notice in the middle of pg. 393?
Reflective Essay
2nd paragraph: What does the last sentence suggest about the purpose of this piece?
3rd paragraph: How do these examples help elaborate on Walker's central idea?
4th paragraph: Why does the author ask this question and then answer it?
Rhetorical Devices:

patterns of words and ideas used to make a point more memorable. (Repetition, Parallelism, Rhetorical Question, Restatement)
What organizational structure does the first sentence suggest? (last paragraph on pg. 392.)
What central idea does the last full paragraph on pg. 393 support?
Figurative Language: blank canvas?
Point of View: What is Walker's perspective on the young people she met at the parties? pg. 394
Do you think this is an accurate reflection of the hip hop culture today?
pg. 396
Point of View: What is Walker's perspective on the twelve months she spent in the Bronx?
Rhetorical Device: What phrase is repeated in the final paragraph? What is the effect?
What does Walker believe the main difference is between hip hop then and now?
Rebecca Walker
Daughter of Alice Walker
Black, White, Jewish
Advocate for young women
Named by Time as one of the 50 most
influential leaders under the age of 40 (25)
Youth Culture?
Youth Culture is a relatively new phenomenon
John 17:15-19
How do we, as Christians, fulfill Jesus' prayer that we remain in the world, but not of the world?
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