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Career Analysis Project (1) Hunter Chain


Hunter Chain

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis Project (1) Hunter Chain

photography career
hunter chain
Photography is so much more than just taking photos on a school picture day. Photographer's produce and preserve images that can tell a story, or capture an event. Becoming a quality Photographer comes with many responsibilities. Maintaining these can lead to a sucessful career.
Upkeep of all of your equipment
Budgeting & Pricing
Location Selection

And more house keeping dutites.

Most Photographers are Self-employed or are Freelance. They often specialize in a certain field. These include...
Commercial Photographers
Scientific Photographers
News Photographers
Fine Arts Photographers
Education & Training

Positions in News Photography & Scientific Photography may require a degree. Schools of the Arts, often offer courses in photography. Basic training, includes how to use the equipment, processes and techniques for photography.
The average wage for a salaried Photographer is roughly $29,440 a year. But, about 50% of all Photographers are self-employed. Where in the U.S. and in the world will this career most likely be in the highest demand in the future?

Photography is in and will be in the highest demand in New York City. It is a colossal area for Photography, fashion, and the arts. What is the future for this career in 10 years?

Photography is expected to grow to even larger amounts, in the next ten years. It is expected to grow 12% or (17,500) people in the next decade. New technology and a new generation of people are expected to help this industry grow. Technology

Photographers use many types of computer applications. These include...
Microsoft Applications
Photo Editing Websites
Who Are The Customers?

Anyone. Photographers deal with a massive amount of people from multiple continents, contries, and ethnic backgrounds. B2B?

Photographers have B2B with many different companies and customers. Freelancers will take pictures for anyone anywhere. Problems?
Faulty Equipment
Bad Lightning
Dangerous Surroundings
Copyright Infringement Math is not a very inportant factor in Photography. But, it can be used in measuring angles and for other photo editing needs. What type of written and verbal skills are important in:
1.working in teams
2.dealing with customers

1. Photographers often work independently and do not have alot of contact with co-workers.

2. Dealing with customers is very important in photography. Portrait Photographers for an example, must make their clients comfortable and calm so they they can take a decent photograph.
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