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Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

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Sarah Brandt

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

Habitat for Humanity
of Kent County

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Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Kent County brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope

The Mission of Habitat for Humanity
of Kent County
Locations of Habitat Affiliates in the US

*Community-level Habitat for Humanity offices, known as affiliates service a specific community on behalf of Habitat International. There are more than 1,500 affiliates in the U.S. and 550 international affiliates.

*Each affiliate coordinates all aspects of Habitat home building in its local area—fundraising; building site selection; partner family selection and support; house construction; and mortgage servicing.

* Habitat Kent is one of Michigan's top producing affiliate, and we have been honored as an "Affiliate of the Year".
Structure of Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International was ranked as
the 6th largest homebuilder in the United States with 6,032 closings in 2010

Began in 1983.
Last year we completed our 400th home!
Our affiliate has served over 400 families, and counting…
Who We Are:
Habitat for Humanity
of Kent County
The History:
Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller.

The Fullers were inspired to create Habitat after their involvement with Koinonia Farm and its founder Clarence Jordan who utilized the idea of partnership housing.

Five years later, there were fourteen affiliates within the United States and seven internationally.

Our Material Recovery team removes items from homes where people are renovating and remodeling, we then sell those items in our ReStores. Opportunities are on an "as needed" basis, and members of the team receive emails letting them know about upcoming projects.
Material Recovery
Hospitality Volunteer
Snack Bags
When we help a family,
we help a community.

Lunch Volunteers
The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative was designed to help Habitat affiliates as they work to transform neighborhoods using a holistic approach.

Habitat Kent works alongside residents, nonprofits, businesses, local governments and communities of faith to implement a shared vision of revitalization.

This includes projects such as:
House repairs for existing homeowners
Building homes nearby in 5 specific West Side neighborhoods

Neighborhood Revitalization
In 2012, 1 out of 6 single family homes in Grand Rapids were foreclosed.

This created a negative space in neighborhoods, lowered property values, decreased the tax base, and became a hub for criminal activity.

To stabilize and strengthen local communities, Habitat Kent purchased foreclosed homes so that safe, decent housing can be made available to families in established West Side neighborhoods.

Quick facts:

Habitat International’s headquarters are located in Americus, GA.

Some of Habitat’s most famous volunteers, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, became involved in 1984. Carter, a resident of Georgia befriended Fuller and became involved with Habitat for Humanity. Carter is still involved with the Carter Work Project Program to this day.

So far, Habitat has built over 1,000,000 homes and housed over 5 million people worldwide.
Where We Build:
Kent County

Habitat Kent works on a variety of projects including; new construction, home rehabs, exterior repairs, and weatherization.

We work on everything in the home, excluding the plumbing, electrical, and dry walling.

What we build:

Long Term
: All of our homes are built with an Aging in Place mentality. They are made so that our homeowners can stay comfortably in their
homes as they
Features of Habitat Kent Homes
Construction volunteer opportunities
What to Expect:

When you arrive at the address, you'll see a Habitat truck and trailer.

The site supervisor or a member of the Volunteer Services team will give a brief orientation on our work and a safety speech.

You'll be asked to work on tasks, shown how to complete the task, and then the work will be checked to ensure it has been done correctly.

Why volunteer?
Volunteering is a great way to make a tangible difference in your community while working alongside others who are passionate about serving.

We use volunteers for projects ranging from construction to photography, it is a great way to experience new things.

If you are looking to remodel parts of your own home, this is a great way to get some guidance, or to find great deals on materials at our ReStores.

Plus, you get to wield a hammer, wear a tool belt, and make friends!
Other volunteer opportunities
The ReStore is environmentally-friendly and sustainable, and there are various ways you can support us. We take new and gently used home goods and resell them at a tremendous discount. Proceeds go to fund Habitat builds in our local community.


We’re stocked with standard hardware materials and home appliances, including refrigerators, tiles, light bulbs, fireplaces, furniture, paint and more, and include a variety of low to high-end goods. All for at least 50% off of retail price!


Like the rest of Habitat for Humanity, ReStore is made possible through the expertise and efforts of volunteers. Our volunteers prepare donations for the floor, assist in the office, rehab items, and help us with outreach.

We take new and gently-used home goods, all of which are tax-deductible, based on the condition and sell-ability of the items. For a full list of items we accept and specifications, please visit our website.
Every family is a partner. We do our best to ensure that they get a safe, decent, and affordable home and keep it. We provide zero-interest affordable mortgages.
The Families
Becoming a Partner Family
Requirements and Criteria
Families must earn between 40%-60% of the area median income and be able to pay a monthly mortgage

They must also show a need for housing and a history of responsible credit and debt management

To build community, skills and partnership, Habitat families commit to 275-500 hours of sweat equity- that is, they spend those hours volunteering with Habitat Kent working on building homes, in our ReStores, and taking financial management and home repair classes. This can take up to 18 months!

Benefits of Habitat
Affordable mortgage, because Habitat holds the mortgages, home owners are actually helping to support current habitat projects each time they pay their mortgage

Equity building through a 0% interest mortgage

Homebuyer Readiness, Financial Planning, Good Neighbor and Homeowner Association Classes

And a safe, affordable, home in Kent County.

Who Builds Our Homes?
Individual Volunteers
Habitat relies heavily on week day, regular, and office volunteers to aid the staff of Habitat Kent in achieving its goal of providing safe, affordable housing to families in Kent County

Young Professionals & Student Groups
Habitat Kent works with many student groups, we have Campus Chapters at Aquinas and Grand Valley. We also work with local high schools, and other collegiate clubs.

Habitat partners with many churches and corporations in Grand Rapids to help fund and build our homes. Many sponsors make a donation on a specific build and then come out to build on that home for one or more days.

Volunteers In Partnership
Habitat Kent is greatly aided by its Volunteers in Partnership. In construction these volunteers are our Carpenter's Club, and in the ReStores and our office they are our VIPs.

By committing to volunteer at least one day a month (often more), our VIPs become experts in our work and get an inside look at how we do things. They are scheduled as a priority, and receive Habitat Gear annually.

Special Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for Your Time!

Contact Information
Email: volunteer@habitatkent.org
Phone: (616)588-5226
Hospitality volunteers work to provide
great snacks and lunches for on-site volunteer groups. You can create your own schedule, or sign up when we put out a request for an event.

This is a great way to get young children involved, and they are able to see the job sites if you bring the food out during a work break.
To sign up to be a construction volunteer:
As an individual:
Take a look at our calendar of volunteer opportunities at http://kentcountyhabitat.volunteerhub.com/
When you find a day that fits your schedule and interests, sign up!
When you get to site, talk to the construction managers about becoming a regular volunteer.

As a group of 4 or more:
Contact Becca Danz at bdanz@habitatkent.org or 588-5240
We'll be in touch to find a day that works for your group!
To sign up as a ReStore Volunteer
View our calendar of volunteer opportunities at http://kentcountyhabitat.volunteerhub.com/ and sign up for a shift!

If you are interested in learning more about our ReStore or becoming a regular volunteer at our ReStore, contact Sarah at sbrandt@habitatkent.org.
To sign up to work with Material Recovery
Contact Sarah Brandt to be added to the weekly email that will list opportunities.
To learn more about starting a Campus Chapter:

Contact Sarah Brandt at sbrandt@habitatkent.org or 588-5226
Gardening & Landscaping
During the warmer months, we like to have weekly volunteers help us in our learning garden. This garden helps teach our Homebuyers about maintaining a yard and growing flowers and food.
Skilled landscapers/gardeners
We are also looking for a few skilled volunteers to work with our Home buyers on planning a maintainable yard. If you are interested, contact Nicole Crafts at ncrafts@habitatkent.org or (616) 588-5225 Ext.224
This is a great way for a creative and crafty person to use their skills! We have flexible shifts at our ReStore West location, where volunteers use our donated items and supplies to paint and repurpose old items.
We also have a group of young professionals who work together to advocate, fund raise, and build for Habitat.
For more information about Habitat Young Professionals:

Contact Becca Danz at bdanz@habitatkent.org or 588-5240
What does it mean to be LEED certified?
Homes have appliances that use energy and water efficiently.
An ERV system maintains good indoor air quality.
Safe building materials with low Volatile Organic Compounds are used to protect our volunteers and homebuyers.
Homes are built in locations that are nearby public transportation, shopping, education, and work.
Native and sustainable yard plants are chosen to reduce the use of pesticides.
Utility expenses average to $105 a month.
Healthier indoor air quality reduces sickness.
Increased home value.
Fewer building materials are wasted.

Future Projects:

Plaza Roosevelt
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