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Unit 24: Writing for Television and Video

No description

Ella Mahony

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 24: Writing for Television and Video

Legal and Ethical
Considerations UK T.V Industry Unit 24: Writing for Television and Video Commissioning Process
for Scripts - Channel 4 Commissioning Process
for Writers Routes and Possible
Ways In Routes
and Possible Ways In:
Continued. Employer Expectations UK - USA Comparison T.V Show Case Study - Continued Writing Contracts •Writers submit their script to the BBC, through agents, competitions, writing
schemes or direct submissions

BBC accept unsolicited ideas - particular Production Departments Outnumbered is a collaboration between
Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin.

Partly improvised sitcom based around a family.

They thought there was nothing like it.

Through e-Commissioning, it was commissioned
by BBC controller Lucy Lumsden.

A 20-minute long pilot was made in 2006;
6 episodes were commissioned.

Made for the BBC by Hat Trick Productions.
Hamilton and Jenkin are the writers,
creators, directors and producers. Entering competitions

Writing to agents using query letters/e-mails

Writing to broadcasting companies

Through personal contacts

Writing a blog

Screenwriting conferences and pitchfests

Start at the bottom and work your way up Correct format and layout
Comply with legal and ethical
considerations Main Production Company: BBC Job Roles Copyright
Plagiarism Skills and Qualifications Academic background of English Language or
Literature is useful but not essential Good communication skills
Ability to come up with and develop ideas
Good understanding of plot creation and storytelling techniques
Ability to accept criticism Previous experience helps! Legal: Ethical: Bias
Watershed Job roles within commissioning: Roles of the writer during pre-production: Commissioning editors Producers Directors Agents Writers Script editors UK TV Market: One of the largest in Europe Negotiates deal terms for better commissions

Outlines terms, guidelines and agreements for BBC Television Writers. Jasmin John and Ella Mahony The Writers' Guild of Great Britain
Television Writers Agreement Writing Contracts
Continued. Option Agreement - Spec Script Purchase Contract - Spec Script Oral Contract Deal Memo - Writing Assignment Contact a producer or production
Get commissioned by a producer to write
a script
Issued guidelines based on a concept
Pitch ideas
Develop ideas
Write and rewrite script
Producer commissions and
produces the script . BBC Writers Room Others: ITV, Channel 5, Independent Production Companies Writer's Responsibilities Send proposal to a Commissioning Editor
If successful, meet with Commissioning Editor and production company to discuss idea
Development money and develop idea
Work out a production schedule
Finalise budget
Draft negotiations and final agreement Anyone can send a script Logged, assessed and shortlisted Some are developed, others given feedback Outnumbered -
T.V Show Case Study Interviews
Talks Involvement throughout process: Pre-production
Post Production Working as a writer Agent Representation Royalty Payments Professional Presentation Professional Presentation Agent Representation Writers' Involvement: Part of entire process e-Commissioning Process UK - Anyone can submit a script.
USA- You must be a member of The Writer's Guild of America or be represented by an agent.
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