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Digital Text Talks

No description

Elyssa Hevner

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Digital Text Talks

What are the characteristics of a meaningful student discussion?
Meaningful Discussions
Jigsaw Example
After reading students complete responses for 2-4 headings
Elyssa Hevner
Digital Text Talks
What barriers limit meaningful student led discussions?
Print v.s. Digital Text
Examples of Digital Text Talks
Students read different paired texts or parts of a text and complete question activity
Literature Circles
Students read a novel or
non-fiction book and complete role sheets for group discussion
Students then use the shared document to discuss the Causes of the Civil War as a small group
Using the text "Causes of the Civil War" by
Teacher Created Resources
, students read information from 2-4 headings
One student from the group makes a copy of the google doc and shares the doc with their group members (groups of 4-5 students)
After discussions, students will respond to a follow up question on Google Classroom.
Literature Circle Example
Students will read the assigned chapters or sections

Students will complete their assigned role assignment sheet

Group discussion of all role sheets and answering of teacher directed questions
How can Digital Text Talks help
remove the barriers of
text based discussions?

Easy steps to incorporate Digital Text Talks into your classroom
1. Pick a jigsaw activity you already have and turn it into a Google Doc

2. Have one student from each group make a copy of the doc

3. Have students share the copy with their group members

4. Have students complete their part of the document

5. Once students are finished have them share their information with the other group members in a discussion

6. Have students complete a follow up question independently to demonstrate an understanding of all information
How can you incorporate Digital Text Talks into your classroom ?
Have Questions?

We will have Q and A at the conclusion of the presentation


use the backchannel

I will respond as soon as possible after the presentation
Google Classroom How To
Smith, Robert W. Spotlight on America: Civil War. Westminster, CA: Teacher Created Resources, 2005. Print.
Works Cited
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