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Networking Latino Style: The Three Unwritten Rules of Networ

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Transcript of Networking Latino Style: The Three Unwritten Rules of Networ

Networking Latino Style: The Three Unwritten Rules of Networking in Latin America
According to Arnobio Morelix

2. Non-verbal communication is huge.
Latin Americans use a ton of non-verbal communication. In addition to the already mentioned physical contact, using hand gestures while talking is very common. Because we use a lot of gestures not found in other countries, it will probably take some time until you can fully use and understand them.
Is not easy to understand a different culture. But because of all our informality, Latin Americans tend to be very welcoming of foreigners.
We are a more informal culture that craves and embraces close human interaction, as any foreign visitor can attest to.
Originally, from Brazil, Arnobio is a recent graduate of the University of Kansas who is spending this summer as a research and policy intern at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. He is a gifted writer and radiant individual who does a wonderful job of capturing the “unwritten rules” of networking in Latin America and how it differs from the approach to networking in the United States.
Who is Arnobio Morelix
“Personal Bubbles” is the distance people need between themselves and the person they are talking with. If you have ever seen two Latin Americans talking, you might have noticed how different our typical personal bubble is compared to the American one.
1. Personal bubbles are thinner
Very close...
Time runs differently. Time in Latin America tends to have a different elasticity. While people will be timely in professional situations, that is not quite true for social appointments.
3. Time has a flexible definition
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