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Our Language


Nursima Yıldız

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Our Language

The offical language is Turkish in Turkey. Turkish isn't
an Indo Europen Language. It belongs to Altay branch of
the Ural-Altay linguistic family. More than 90 percent of all contemporary speakers of Altaic languages speak a Turkish language. The Turkish language at
present is being widely spoken Turkey Northern Cyprus Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Turkestan Kyrgyzstan Western China Tajikistan in the following countries and regions: It also spoken in some Balkan countries like Republic of Macedonia, some parts in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania,
Hungary, Albania etc. Turkmenistan Kazakhstan History of Turkish
Language The "Orhon inscriptions" are the oldest
known exstant examples of old Turkic
writings. It has changed much over the past 1000 years. Islam becomes the predominant religion
of the Turks in 11th century. The Turks give up their Uygur
alphbet. Which looks like this: - They begin borrowing
both lexical items and gramma-
tical conventions from Arabic because
of their prestige and religious, scientific,
literary traditions. Which looks like this: 1918: The fall of the Ottoman Empire 1923: M.Kemal Atatürk founds the Republic of Turkey 1928: The new Turkish alphabet was introduced
by the Language Commission at the initiative
of Atatürk,replacing the previously used
Arabic script Which looks like this: Atatürk introducing the new Turkish alphabet
September 20, 1928 It has 29 letters. The Turkish Language is written phonetically
which means every letter is pronounced while
reading. - Turkish alphbet looks like
English alphbet but there are some
differences. Of these 29 letters, 8 are vowels; the 21 others
are consonants. The Turkish Alphabet does not have letters Q, W and X. The Turkish alphabet is a Latin alphabet used for
writing the Turkish language Commonly Used Words Hello= Merhaba Thank You= Teşekkür Ederim Good Morning= Günaydın Goodbye= Güle Güle I love you= Seni Seviyorum Welcome= Hoşgeldin The Words Entered
into the English languageFrom Turkish Ayran Kebab Cafe Coffe Kiosk, Kiosque Ottoman Yoghurt Turk Sherbet Pasha Turquoise Prepared by Nursima Yıldız
August 23, 2012
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