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Life in the 50's

No description

Jayla Leggett

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Life in the 50's

Life in the 50's Life in the 50's was said to be simple. Segregation and racism was still part of life.

There were problems forcing blacks to take drastic measures for equality and inclusion like in 1955, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus. JOBS in the 50's Industrial and Agricultural Most men worked in blue-collar jobs
There was an increase in the need for secretarial work, which allowed for some women to work outside of the home.

MUSIC Music in the 50's was expanding;
The sound of rock and roll was creeping into the mainstream Clothing Changes in clothing styles
Guys started wearing their hair longer with sideburns and slicked back with grease. They also wore jeans and leather jackets (with the collar turned up to be “cool”)
Girls wore ponytails, poodle skirts, pedal pushers, and scarves.
Popular Celebrities Kids wanted to be just like:
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Ricky Nelson Television I Love Lucy
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
Radio AM radio became more popular, along with jukeboxes and eventually albums.
Toys Ant Farm
Potato Guns
Hula Hoops

Economy in the 50's By 1950 people generally recognized that the nation's economy—the financial performance of its businesses—affects every American personally. The security of our jobs and how much we earn doing them, the cost of the goods we buy, the price we pay to borrow money, and the interest we get by saving it are all directly related to the health of the economy. During the 1950s the American economy was the strongest in the world.

In the 1950's gas costed 18 cents a gallon&&by 1959 25 cents. If you have $100,, converted from 1950 to 2005 it would be equivalent to $831.50 In the 1950 the average income per year was $ 3,210 dollars
and by 1959 it was $5,254 dollars The cost of a new car was $1,500 && by 1959 it was $2,210 Cars In The 50's Chevrolet Corvette Cadillac Convertible Nash Metropolitan Asutin Healey Cost of different things in the 50's Cotton Dress-3.29 Ritz Crackers-39 cents 2 carat diamond ring-399.00 Rollaway Bed-14.95 Inventions in the 50's 1st Credit Card-1950 Video Tape Recorder Mr. Potato Head Barbie Doll invented in 1959 The End
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