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Your Choice

No description

Faith Mixon

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Your Choice

Your Choice
Theme Park
My favorite theme park would be disneyland because I love to watch all disney shows when I come home well sometimes.
Sports Team
I don't have a favorite sports team at all.
my favorite sport is basketball because I love to play it with my sister and cousins. I also have the game NBA BasketBall me and Leila play it in my room.
video Game
my favorite game is Naruto because I love to watch the shows everyday when I come home from school,when I come from a birthday party and when I come home from the movies. When I see Naruto I start to play it everytime and when new shows come out and also I play three Naruto ultimate storm revolution.
Band Singer
My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes and favorite band would probably be BTR.
Your Hero
My hero is my mom and dad.
Dream Home
My dream home would be me and my cousins having fun playing games doing what we want to do. We don't have no grownups telling us what to do.
Dream Job
My dream job would be creating more animes for kids t watch any kind of shows to watch new anime shows creating Boruto the same as Naruto but Boruto generation.
Dream Vacation
my dream vacation would be an anime party to celebrate anime shows that people make for shows.
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