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Raneem K

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ecstasy

Ecstasy ( also known as E, XTC and eccy) is an illicit drug that is illegally produced. It is a stimulant drug that has the power to produce feelings of increased energy, emotional warmth, empathy towards others and can distort one's ability to judge time and actions. Due to these dangerous side effects, ecstasy has the ability to kill. Those who use ecstasy do not realise the massive potential harm that it could cause to their bodies. The drug comes in the form of tablets, which are often coloured and imprinted with graphic designs and logos.
How is Ecstasy used?
Ecstasy is often taken by swallowing tablets, however it can also be crushed, snorted or injected. Today, ecstasy is generally made in laboratories, which means people who take ecstasy won't know how strong the dose is or know what other chemicals the drug will entail. Some of these unknown chemicals have unexpected and dangerous side-effects.
Short-term Effects
Physical Effects: Psychological Effects:
- Increased energy - Hallucinations
- Blurred vision - False senses of affection
- Faintness and chills - Paranoia
- Sleep problems - Anxiety
- Muscle tension - Depression
- Teeth clenching - Confusion
- Nausea/Vomiting - Impaired judgement
Long-term Effects
Long-term effects of taking ecstasy include:
Long-lasting brain damage
Damage to sections of the brain that control critical life functions (for example sleep)
Dramatic increase in heart-rate
Long-term depression, anxiety and memory loss
Weakened Nerves
Drug cravings
Impact of Ecstasy on Others
Those who take ecstasy are not the only ones in danger of being harmed. People surrounding the drug user are also in danger. Take driving for example. On the road, you may be driving next to someone who has had a drug overdose. One false move by them, and your life could be ruined forever. A person who takes ecstasy not only puts their life in danger, but they also put those surrounding them in danger. This applies to all drug scenarios. When people take ecstasy, they undergo many behavioral changes that cause them to lack judgement of what it is they are doing.
Impact of Ecstasy on Relationships/Employment
Ecstasy is a drug that has several negative impacts on both relationships and work. Firstly, disagreements and frustration over the initial use of ecstasy tends to cause family arguments and can negatively affect personal relationships. In addition, when people are under the influence of ecstasy, they behave differently. These behavioral changes can impact both work and relationships. Furthermore, ecstasy affects one's health and the way in which one thinks. If someone is constantly home sick from work, or when they are at work they are unable to work safely and effectively, it is likely they will lose their job and become unemployed.
Impact of Ecstasy on the Community
Ecstasy Tablets
By Raneem Kazal 9N
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Changes in an ecstasy user's face after 8 months
Changes in an ecstasy user's face after 7 months
Ecstasy affects more than just the individual who decides to take it. Those who take ecstasy can impact the community in many ways, some of which include:
Drug Driving - when those who take ecstasy choose to drive, they jeopardize both their lives and the lives of those on the road.
Crime - when someone takes ecstasy, they do not think or behave the same way. They may decide to rob a bank with their friends and won't think about the consequences that will follow their actions.
Violence - taking ecstasy usually gives the user a massive boost of confidence. The user may get into a fight and seriously injure themselves or others participating.
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