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Colin Donovan

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of #whatsahashtag

: Northfield Mount Hermon Young Alumni Leadership Giving Society
The Moody Associates
: Classes 1-5 years from graduation: $250
Classes 6-10 years from graduation: $500
: To instill a legacy of leadership giving to our youngest alumni and make NMH their number one philanthropic priority
: staff and class agent personal solicitation, monthly recurring giving, engaging stewardship events
presented by
laurel edson, assoc. dir of alumni and parent programs
rourke harrington, assoc. dir of individual giving
colin brode donovan, cate fund director
march magic
what happened?
increased # of donors at both schools
jump start the push to June 30th
increased faculty engagement
alumni/development laboratory

Cate School
Trustee Case Study
Senior Year
A classmate asked me to donate to the Senior Gift but I never got around to it.
I am a volunteer for the Senior Class Gift Committee. I was the first person to make my gift!
"The impactful nature of it, that is really important, to make sure that the money is actually going to have an added benefit to a user, a community, a school, and to be able to see that happen."
"Millennialls first support causes they are passionate about (rather than institutions), so it’s up to organizations to inspire them and show them that their support can make a tangible difference on the wider issue."
I started following NMH on Instagram and I love seeing the pictures of campus. They even 'liked' a #tbt photo of me and my friends from freshman year. I love the school but when they ask me to give, I tune them out. The school has millions, my money would just be a tiny drop in a big bucket.
I attended an event in NYC and learned about our young alumni giving society. It has allowed me to connect with the school's decision makers so I feel like I now have a seat at the table.
Giving update: $250 to join leadership giving society (first gift since graduation)
"This is a generation that likes to see things, likes to see and feel, likes to use all of their senses to really know what's going on."
When updating my address on the school website, I signed up to volunteer to host gatherings for fellow alumni on campus.
Giving Update: $5/month throughout college.
At my 5-yr reunion the chair of the young alumni committee asked me to join the Alumni Council. I'm honored and excited, especially since I can't give more financially right now.
Giving Update: Renewed $5/month gifts

I was asked to be chair of the Annual Fund Committee of the Alumni Council! I am excited to be an ambassador for the school and get young alumni to be more connected to giving back.
Millennial Impact Report
43% of Millennials have fundraised on behalf of an organization or participated in a run or event to raise money.
The Next Generation of American Giving, Blackbaud, 2013
The Next Generation of American Giving, Blackbaud
I think I charged my parent's card before we graduated. Mostly, I was stoked to get the free t-shirt!
: Hogger Packs - the NMH care package
NMH care package
: the most recent graduating class
: A volunteer recruitment device disguised as a care package
: e-mail and social media (Instagram)
what happened?
: fall after graduation
88 new addresses obtained (47% of class)
28 volunteers recruited (15% of class)
Created 'College Ambassador' program
5 photos tagged with #proudhogger

Cate School
Student Alumni Association
Alumni Pen Pals
Student-Alumni BBQ
NMH Senior Class Gift Program



18 volunteers
98% giving participation
$15 average gift size
$2,760 raised for the Annual Fund





I agreed to join the 10-year reunion volunteer team as a gift chair volunteer. My first step was to make a leadership gift and I have been assigned a portfolio of classmates who I will ask to join me at my leadership giving level.
Giving Update: $2,000 reunion gift
"Scholars project that at least
$41 trillion
will transfer as bequests to the post-Baby Boom generations over the first half of the 21st century."

The Next Generation of American Giving, Blackbaud, 2013
The future leaders of your institutions...
#nextgendonors study
cate school
northfield mount hermon
the trustafarian

the rockstar
the suit
I am starting a tech company in San Francisco. During a recent event, an alumnus invited me to join our School's Tech Committee, which only meets twice a year. It is a great way to network and a low-impact way to offer my professional experience and get involved with my alma mater.
Giving Update: $50-$250/year
As part of our 10-yr reunion, I gave a $1,000 gift, which made me a part of our young leadership giving club. I received a really nice note from a current student thanking me for supporting his education. It was the first time I really connected the impact of my gift with what happens day to day on campus. My gift didn't feel transactional - it was personal. I am all in.
Giving Update: Sustaining leadership gifts of $1,000+
Giving Update: Increased to $42/month and joined leadership giving society
I would say I have Cate in my periphery vision. I "like" an occasional photo on FB or Instagram and I try to remember to make a gift every year. Studying abroad, summer programs, etc. have been my priority.
march magic results
"When it comes to volunteering, Gen Y talks the talk while Matures walk the walk. How do you get your younger supporters out from behind social media to actually take action?"
Rovner, Mark.
The Next Generation of American Giving: The Charitable Habits of Generations Y, X, Baby Boomers and Matures.
Rep. Ed. Dennis McCarthy and Michael Johnston. Charleston: Blackbaud, 2013.

Goldseker, Sharna, and Michael Moody.
#nextgendonors: Respecting Legacy, Revolutionizing Philanthropy.
Rep. Comp. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and 21/64. N.p.: n.p., 2013.

Feldmann, Derrick, Joanna Nixon, Justin Brady, Lara Brainer-Banker, and Lindsay Wheeler.
The Millennial Impact Research.
Rep. Indianapolis: Achieve, 2013.

Giving Update: $10 pledge, no gift
Giving Update: One $25 gift during March Magic
Giving Update: $20.05 in honor of my class year
$10,231 total giving for Moody Associates in FY13
18 members in the first year
Over 90% of Moody Associates are enrolled in monthly giving
4 new members in the second year
3 Moody Associate specific events throughout the year with Head of School
Giving Update: $50 gift
"Nearly 60% of Generation Y and half of Generation X agree that the ability to directly see the impact of their donation would have a significant bearing on their decision to give."
Giving Update: $0
Blackbaud Study
"Young people are often relegated to a committee that plans a party for young people. Awesome. I have more to offer than that."
"Give us a clear call to action, let’s problem-solve together. Tell us what you are working on, and let’s work on this together. Tell me what you need me to do."
72% of millennials are interested in participating in a nonprofit young professional group.
Millennial Impact Report, 2013
2012-13 Results
Sustained Success
Welcome to the Alumni Association!
"The real role of leadership in education is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility. And if you do that, people will rise to it and achieve things that you completely did not anticipate and couldn't have expected."
Ken Robinson
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- Share an idea or ask a question

Seniors soliciting seniors for class gift. #proudhogger #casenais

We will use #casenais to tweet your submissions so the entire conference can benefit from our conversation about young alumni giving and the future leaders of our schools.
Amplify your voice with
Peer-to-peer solicitation, volunteer team building, campaign launch party
Senior year, starting fall semester
Annual Fund campaign for the senior class
Educate current students about philanthropy and recruit class leaders before they graduate!
Cate vs Thacher Alumni Participation Giving Competition
G.O.L.D. Alumni (Grads of the Last Decade)
March 1 - March 31
social media, e-mail, phonathons, happy hours
to educate and inspire YA giving
Alumni Day
Networking and Alumni Association Welcome
Alumni and current seniors
Senior Spring
Alumni career panel, LinkedIn tutorial, Networking 101
Alumni want to give more than $$. Seniors are still teenagers - they need help connecting the dots.
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