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DPSA: Kayumanggi ang Kulay ng Ginto (Reaping the Rewards of Cacao in Alfonso, Cavite)

Cavite National Science High School

Cocoa Tablets

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of DPSA: Kayumanggi ang Kulay ng Ginto (Reaping the Rewards of Cacao in Alfonso, Cavite)

This is an official entry of
Cavite National Science High School
to the
Doon Po Sa Amin Community Mapping Contest
Smart Communications Inc.
under the category:
Community Products to Support
. With the title, Doon Po Sa Amin: Kayumanggi ang Kulay ng Ginto (Reaping the Rewards of Cacao in Alfonso, Cavite), the online presentation aims to give the viewers
a bird’s eye view
of what is expected to the cocoa tablets of Alfonso and how the
residents benefit
from it. Articles, statistical surveys, interviews and videos were also done by the researchers to provide rich contents for the online presentation.
As one of the
in demand
products of the Philippines,
Alfonso’s cacao
does not just give our taste buds the
bitter sweet tickles
, but also provide its residents and local farmers a
vast livelihood opportunity
in Alfonso, Cavite. The cocoa beans’ seamless value was first discovered by the
, it was roasted and turned to elegant and luscious
dark chocolate drinks
which were later on sweetened and added with a variety of nuts that people are now
. This study titled
"Doon Po Sa Amin: Kayumanggi ang Kulay ng Ginto"
aims to
cocoa production
of Alfonso. Also, it intends to
cocoa tablets
form Alfonso, Cavite.
This study aims to accomplish the following:
1. Introduce Alfonso, Cavite as one of the producers of cocoa in the Philippines.
2. Endorse the cocoa industry as a major industry of Cavite through community mapping.
3. Discuss the main livelihood of Alfonso.
4. Provide facts and trivia about cocoa and its effects.
Theobroma cacao also known as cacao does not only provide us the
bitter-sweet chocolate
most of us crave for, but is also a
for various diseases. Of all chocolate variations,
dark chocolate
is the
for it does not contain a lot of additives such as sugar. Pure cacao have
which are chemicals that can lower our blood pressure thus, can
reduce the risk
of cardio-vascular diseases.
This study focuses on the
cocoa tablet production
and the
livelihood it provides
to the residents and local farmers of Alfonso. It will also present the
of the town and how cocoa was brought there.

Cacao is used to treat infectious intestinal diseases and others such as diarrhea, asthma and bronchitis. For the
seed coat
: diabetes, high cholesterol and liver, bladder and kidney ailments; and when it comes to cosmetics,
cacao butter
is applied to skin to erase wrinkles caused by aging and remove stretch marks that were formed during pregnancy.

Taking pure cacao in large amount is unsafe because of the chemicals it contains. One might have an overdose. But do not be too worried because the amount of cacao present in chocolate bars and drinks you cannot live without, only has a
but still
amount that is safe, delicious and healthy.
From Beans to Riches
Alfonso's Community Profile
Find the difference. (Look for six)

Team Profile
The Descent into the Past
A Brief History of Alfonso, Cavite
Alfonso has not always been “Alfonso”. It was once a vast land carpeted with a thick forest with few pocket settlements that later on composed the sitios Mataywanak, Pajo, Pangasab, and Alas-as. The place was formerly part of Indang, but the settlements, now quickly growing into barrios, needed accelerated development. A petition was made by community leaders Bonifacio Aveo and Felix Del Mundo to make the four barrios into a separate municipality. The petition was granted and the new municipality was named Alas-as after the Alas-as tree. After 17 years, the name was changed to Alfonso by the Spaniards after King Alfonso XII.
Impact to the Community
Did you know...
The Cocoa Song...
Team Profile...
History of Alfonso...
Community Profile...
How to get there...
How to make cocoa tablets...
|mpact to the community...
Cacao gathering. Cacao fruits are considered ripe when the color of the fruit turned red or yellow.
The cacao beans are then picked and placed in a "bilao".
The beans are dried under the sun and left there for 3-5 days. When the beans are dry, it will be subjected for roasting.
After the cocoa beans were roasted, seed coats will be removed and the beans that were left will be grind. The ground cocoa beans are mixed with various sweets and flavor for the cocoa tablets we have all been waiting for.
The cooked pure cocoa will be left to cool. When heat have escaped it already, cocoa tablets are molded into around 0.75 inch-thick delicious cocoa tablets. Molded cocoa tablets will be packed and Tablea de Alfonso by Delfa's Food Products are ready to be sold.
Tablea de Alfonso can be enjoyed in Delfa's Delicacies in Brgy. Mangas 2, Alfonso, Cavite. Delfa's also sell various natural products such as coco jam, honey, tea, civet coffee and the like. Enjoy shopping!
Hodgepodge of Happiness!
How can I get there?
Interview with:
Ms. Adelfa M. Nuestro
Owner of Delfa's Delicacies
Mangas 2, Alfonso, Cavite
Interview with the Municipal Agricultural Officer
Encyclopedia of Life. Retrieved 9 November 2012.
Pharmacognosy and Health Benefits of Cocoa Seeds, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate)
2013 Alfonso Profile (Retrieved April 29, 2013)
Cavite OTOP exhibitors join MarketWEEK Phl http://r04a.pia.gov.ph/index.php?article=671349331399
Mrs. Adelfa M. Nuestro (owner of Delfa's Delicacies)
Mrs. Yolanda M. Erni (Municipal Agricultural Officer)
Mrs. Belen C. Maligaya (employee at Delfa's Delicacies)
You can reach Alfonso by car or bus from Metro Manila via Tanza-Trece Martires Road which is a 71 kilometer stretch that may take you around an hour and a half.
Tsokolate Alfonso (Tablea De Cacao) Sweetened 200g 65 75
Tsokolate Alfonso (Tablea De Cacao) Unsweetened 100g 60 70
Instant Salabat 350g 110 120
Instant Salabat 150g 55 65
Instat Salabat (plastic pack) 400g 110 120
Luyang Dilaw 350g 110 120
Luyang Dilaw 150g 50 60
Luyang Dilaw (Plastic Pack) 400g 110 120
5 –in – 1 Herbal Tea 350g 120 130
5 –in – 1 Herbal Tea(Plastic Pack) 400g 120 130
7 – in – 1 Herbal Tea 350g 120 140
7 – in – 1 Herbal Tea 150g 55 70
7 – in – 1 Herbal Tea (plastic pack) 400g 120 140
Peanut Butter (creamy/chunky) 500g 110 130
Peanut Butter (creamy/chunky) 225g 50 60
Coco Jam 225g 50 60
Coco Jam 565g 110 130
Black Pepper ( whole Ground) 275g 130 150
Black Pepper ( whole Ground) 120g 80 100
Upland Civet Café 200g 1200 1400
Upland Civet Café 100g 600 700
Café Barako (foil pack) 400g 180 200
Café Barako 250g 100 120
Café Barako 500g 200 220
Pastillas in different flavors (plastic pack) 35 40
Bukayo (pack) 25 30
Delfa's Delicacies
Brgy. Mangas 2, Alfonso, Cavite
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