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group rolls

No description

adan basurto

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of group rolls

group rolls
Group rolls are rolls for groups. Their are four roles in a group . The first role is
leader he/she leads them and makes sure they are on track . Next is the recorder the recorder is the one that writes down the ideas down on paper .
Another is the time keeper he tells the group how much time is left so they can finsh in time . Last is the presenter he /she will say what they wrote down to the teacher to the class or even both . Lets see if you payed atention !!
Q1 Q2 Sam needs one person in his JACK is going to be the one who group to tell them what to do
to make sure how much time they and keep them on track. Who do
have.What would he be be? they need?

A. leader B.presnter A.TIMEKEEPER B. LEADER
C. timekeeper D. recorder C. recorder D. presnter

Q3 Q4
Bob is the one who speaks in front Max is the one that is going to write
of every one what is he ? down every ones idea what is he?

A. recorder B.leader A. leader B .TIMEKEEPER
C. presnter D,timekeeper C.RECORDER D.presnter
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