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Untitled Prezi

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Noah Benroth

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

N ah Benroth
Welcome to my Prezi. I hope you have a fun time learning about the crazy,smart,energetic,sort of the insomniac person that is me.
The Beginning

I was born on June 6 2000
at the St. Ritas hospital
in lima,Ohio.
I grew up in Ottawa

My family is one of the very important things I need to live . My family consists of me, my mom Lisa, my dad Joe and my sister Alexis.
Subject:Noah C. Benroth
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Weight:100 lbs
Age and birth date:13,Born June 6,2000.
Behavior: Good, but makes a lot of non-humorous jokes.
Other: Likes to make references to many jokes in movies.

Likes/ Interests
If you truly know me you know I have many likes and interests. Here i will tell you what I like and why.
Hollywood Here I Come
My first interest and probably the most important interest to me is making replica movie props. Ever since I was a small child I have wanted to be a part of the movie and entertainment industry. I like making movie props because it entertains me and provides fun challenges.
He Can Cook (Sort of)
My third interest is cooking. I like to cook because it allows me to make my favorite foods.Certain things I like to cook are omelets,steak,and scrambled eggs.
My fourth most interest is drawing ( so I guess you could call me an artist).I mostly like to draw stylized comic characters, as i feel that they are very fun but challenging to draw.I have drawn since I was very little and I hope to do something creative with art when I'm older.
If you know me very well, you know i have many interests. These interests are things I do in my free time.
Sleeping In
I don' think there is one teenager who doesn't like to sleep in.I enjoy sleeping in because it gives me an extra burst of energy to accomplish the days tasks.I also like to sleep in because it allows me to be lazy.
Watching Movies
I like to watch movies because they are funny and they are very entertaining because they provide all sorts of thrills.
Listening to Music
I like listening to all sorts of music. Among my favorites are Pop music and Rap music.I like listening to music because it helps me through hard times.
Looking at Locks
Boy Scouts
I have been in Boy Scouts from a very early age. I like being in Boy Scouts because it allows me to camp out with friends in our troop. In scouts I currently am the patrol leader and I have gone to two 5 day long camp outs. I hope to become an Eagle Scout someday soon.
If you really get to know me you'll know that i have very many likes. these likes are things I enjoy doing when I have free time.
He's a Magician
My second most important interest is magic.I like doing magic tricks because they are fun to learn and watch. They also provide a fun way to introduce yourself to new people.
Believe it or not im one of the few kids that would admit they like school.I like school because it gives me things to do when I'm bored and it provides fun challenges.I also get to see my friends at school.
I like looking at locks because they intrigue me.
I want to be a part time locksmith when I'm older.
I currently am trying to make a new system of locks.
And next we go to ....
If you know me you know I also have many dislikes. Dislikes are the things that annoy, bother, irritate and over all make me mad.
Kids these days!
Bugs ( they bug me!)
I hate bugs that fly around and latch on to me. They pester me because they are so irritating when they fly into my face.
I hate when people ask me questions to which I know no answer. I hate this because it makes me feel unintelligent and clueless.
I dislike football because it confuses me deeply and it hurts to play.
I strongly despise country music because it consists of really cheesy songs (in my opinion) and most of the songs talk about the same things( there is no variety whatsoever).
Welcome to Noah's Dislike Diagram
My first dislike is when kids who are younger than me already have a phone and i'm thirteen and i don't have one. It really annoys me when they rub it it my face too.
Asks Question.
is known.
Country music
Friends and Family
Friends and family play a crucial role in my life. I hope you have fun learning about my friends and family.
In my family I have one older sibling, and my mom and dad. I enjoy my family because they make me laugh and they always make my day better.
Fun fact: I have a great grandfather who is 100 years old.
I have many friends . These friends are older, younger,and the same age as me.My friends also share common interests as me such as watching movies, playing video games, etc.
In the Future
High school
In my future I hope to graduate high school with high honors and hopefully get a scholarship to a college.
Going to College for more Knowledge.
In my future I plan to go to a college and get a degree in either engineering,graphic design, or in being a mechanic.
Into the Real world
In the future I plan to get a job being a mechanic,architect or a theatrical property master (a guy who makes movie props).
Retirement Plans.
In the future I plan on having the career of my life and then retiring.When I retire I plan to move to a tropical place like the Bahamas ( yeah that will probably never happen).

Here is the Plan!
See you later!
If i'm not in Ohio i'm in the Bahamas.
The End.
Well now that this is the end of my Prezi I hope you had a fun time learning about me,I would also like to thanks Prezi for providing such a great program.
Some of my friends are Hunter,Logan, Josh,Dylan,Ian, Ann,Sam,Seth,Chase Alanis and Anika.
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