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Melissa Nugas

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Agenda

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1. Invisalign Company Overview
2. Invisalign Case Submission Process
3. How to become an Invisalign Provider
4. Potential Profit with Invisalign
5. Invisalign Overview
6. Invisalign Products & Treatment Options
7. Cases Before & After
8. Q & A

Make it Easier to do Business with Invisalign

Improve Product Ordering Workflow
Provide Continuous Training & Support
Increase Marketing to Consumers
Keep Invisalign the leading brand worldwide
How Do I Become an Invisalign Provider
What are My Options if I Don’t want an IDS account
Global Orthodontic Market
Financial Highlights
What is Invisalign?
Virtually invisible way in straightening teeth

Series of aligners customized in every patient
Treatment Options:
What Does it Cost
Five Products: IDS / non-IDS
Invisalign Full: $2195 / $2415
Invisalign Teen: $2295 / $2525
Invisalign Lite (<14): $1500 / $1650
Invisalign I7 (<7): $1000 / $1100
Vivera (retention): $375 ( 3 sets )
All prices are exclusive of 12% vat
IDS – Invisalign Doctors Site
Submit cases through Dr. Klaire
- Your patient continues to belong to you.
You always determine the treatment plan for your patient
Prices are 10% higher for non-IDS account cases, approximately $200 USD more for Full cases
Recommendation: If you plan to do at least 5 cases in your practice, then it is beneficial to acquire an IDS account in long term basis.
Attend the Invisalign Training Course for IDS
February 26 & 27, 2015 - DUSIT THANI HOTEL, Makati City
- Training fee - $2000 USD

Full payment will receive a 2.5% discount - $1950

50% Discount of $1000 USD
- if you submit your 1st case (Full & Teen only)

Net cost of training is only $1000

Distributed payment - $500 (initial payment due immediately) and a total of $1500 post dated cheque (PDC) for November 30, 2014, December 30, 2014 & January 30, 2015
* The first 20 doctors to register & provide payment will receive an Invisalign typodont ($250 USD value).
IDS account (Official - Invisalign Doctors Site)
Submit, track, and monitor Invisalign cases on your own
Access to the
(continuous education)
Name published on website: www.invisalign.ph
Recommendation: You can collaborate with other Doctors and have one of you acquire the IDS account to submit cases, thereby sharing the IDS training cost.
South Korea: $5K – 8K
Hong Kong: $6K - $8K
What Can I Charge my Patients
Philippines: $3.5K – 6K
average $4500
~ PHP 200,000
Invisalign Full Case : cost $2195
profit range: $2000 - $4500
Invisalign Lite Case : cost $1500
profit range: $1500 – $3000
* You can always maximize your potential income depending on the number of aligners needed & the case severity of your patient.
Price Comparisons in USD
Japan: $8K - $10K
Thailand: $4K - $6K
Singapore: $5K - $9K
U.S.: $4K – 8K
Things needed for a case submission
1. PVS Impressions

a. Upper
b. Lower
c. Registration Bite (optional)
2. Intraoral and Extraoral Photos
3. Panoramic Xray
4. Treatment Plan Forms
( 10 default questions & some special instructions)
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