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USF Entrepreneurial Studies Program

No description

Samantha Koch

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of USF Entrepreneurial Studies Program

Entrepreneurial Studies Program The University of Sioux Falls Most Incoming College Students Think in Terms of the Next 4 Years.... Where will I live for the next 4 years? Where will I live for the next 4 years? What will I study for the next 4 years? Who will I be friends with for the next 4 years? Who will I be for the next 4 years? What if...
Instead of thinking about only the next 4 years....
You thought about the next 40? At the University of Sioux Falls....
We think about the whole way... 4 Years of being a
NCAA Division II level student...
Being involved actively on campus
Learning and growing in your studies
Sharpening skills as athletes, musicians, actors, and artists
Building community with students and faculty What does it mean to be a USF entrepreneurial student? 40 Years of being a
NCAA Division I level worker...
Being involved actively in a local community
Learning and growing in your workplace skills
Sharpening skills as coworkers, friends, and family members
Building community with neighbors and coworkers Then.... The University of Sioux Falls
Entrepreneurial Studies Program
Provides for your next 4 years...
Prepares you for the next 40 years See the Difference In The
NCAA NSIC Comparisons: Who Offers
Entrepreneurial Studies? What Types of Classes Are Available? Major and Minor Options
16 Classes Specifically Relating to Entrepreneurial Studies
Flexibility with Double Majors
Access to Innovative Classrooms What Can Entrepreneurial Studies At
The University of Sioux Falls Do For You? Visual Arts
Electronic Media
Innovation and Problem Solving
Sales and Marketing
Team Projects
Marketing Research
Business Law
Leadership for Innovation
Business Plan Development USF Entrepreneurial Studies....
Where will you go from here? The next 4 years matter...
The next 40 years matter more!
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