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What is the purpose of your artifact?

No description

Christian Douglas

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of What is the purpose of your artifact?

F-117 Nighthawk
which of these areas of technology best classifies the artifact
g. energy and power
What is the purpose of your artifact?
to exploit low-observable stealth technology
Who was the original inventor and when was your product invented?
Lockhead Advanced Development Projects in 1982
How was it used when originally invented? How is it used today?
It was originally used as a air recon and as a spy plane, now it is used as stealth bombings and still as a spy plane
What are some of the innovations that this product has undergone since its original invention?
It has had some modifications to the wings allowing it to go faster than sound
How has it impacted society in a positive way
Its helped win ground wars in desert storm and stopped some of Saddam Hussien's
WMD programs
find a quote about the invention or one of its innovations from the original inventor or one of the engineers who innovated the technological artifact
the engineers who made it call it the wobblin goblin tdue to its instibility at low speeds
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