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SOAN101 Relations of Exchange W15

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of SOAN101 Relations of Exchange W15

Relations of Exchange
-How did the highlanders react to the Leahys, and how did the Leahys react to them?
-What sort of stereotypes did each side in the encounter draw on to understand the people they met?
-What role did violence and sex play in fist contact? What are your reactions to it?
Subsistence Strategies
"ideal types"
What strategies did the Gebusi use?
-reciprocity at the "heart of social life, maintaining a balance between giving and getting, between acting and being acted upon"
-balanced- obligation to return the gift to gain access to valued goods while strengthening social relationships
-generalized - distribution of goods where no overt account is kept
-ideally altruistic
-negative - trade is conducted for the purpose of material advantage and is based on the desire to get something for nothing or a better bargain.
-goods collected from or contributed by members of a groups then redistributed in a new pattern
Other PNG societies
-"Big Men" - self-made charismatic leaders
Market Exchange-
-goods/services bought and sold at a monetary price
Are all people cross-culturally motivated by "rational choice" economically, i.e. maximizing profits?
What kinds of problems did Knaft encounter?
To what extent does Knaft present the Gebusi as "noble savages"? Why?
countering the hegemonic meaning placed on peoples of PNG
-Portuguese/Spanish sailors in 16th century
-1883-- British (via Queensland) in Southeast - Protectorate
-1884- Germany (via German New Guinea Company)- cocoa plantations.
1902-- Australia takes over for British
--then takes over German Territories after WWI
--land/plantations given to returning war heroes
--cocoa and gold mining
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