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NCAA Expansion is Bad

No description

Matthew Rash

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of NCAA Expansion is Bad

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Current Format Proposed 96 team format

Up the current number of teams from 65 to 96
Give the top 8 seeds opening round byes
Seeds 9-24 are in the opening round playing into the first round
Instead of there being 63 total games spread out over three weeks, there will be 95 games.
Main Reason for the Expansion Old TV deal with only CBS was worth around 700 million dollars New TV deal involving CBS and The Turner Company is worth roughly 840 million dollars Why is expansion bad? It benefits the wrong people. Only Coaches, the NCAA, and the Broadcasting companies gain any benefit. The fan is the main loser in this situation. The tournament isn't geared toward the hardcore fan.
The NCAA already struggles enough keeping the interstest of the casual fan throughout 63 games.
The new 96 team tournament will be spread throughout 4 different channels. CBS, TBS, TruTV, and TNT
The casual fan will lose many of the upsets that make the tournament special.
Expansion forgets about the student part of the student-athlete. In the current format if a team plays on Friday they leave Wednesday night, only missing two days of classes. If the team plays on Saturday they leave Thursday night, only missing one day of classes. Over half of the athletes in the tournament will be playing in the opening round. The teams that move on will possibly miss over a week of school. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament makes up roughly 98% of the NCAA's income for the year. One can't forget that most of the athletes are using basketball as means to pay for a degree. They need to go to class.
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