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100% Accountable 4.3 Focus Your Energy

Focus Your Energy

7 Mindsets Academy

on 15 April 2017

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Transcript of 100% Accountable 4.3 Focus Your Energy

"The things that inspire your life should consume your life."
Richelle Goodrich
Focus Your Energy
The Jar of Life - Put Important Things First!

Do you spend more time on small activities (represented by the birdseed) or bigger activities (represented by the golf balls)?
What are some of the bigger items you want to make sure you have time for in your life?
: If you had one extra hour added to your day, what might you envision yourself doing with that time?
What can happen if we don’t prioritize things?
Who would like to share?
Any final comments or questions?
100% Accountable
Spend extra time this week
doing things that inspire you.
Video Discussion
Applying it to Your Life
Journal Activity 15
What are three activities you do that benefit you the most? Identify the benefits.
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