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Old Yeller

You will be making a multimedia presentation for Old Yeller.

Sabrina Rojas

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Old Yeller

Old Yeller By: Fred Gibson Setting The story takes place at Salt Licks, Texas during the time period of the late 1860's . Characters Main: Travis , Old Yeller , Mama & Little Arliss Others: Bud Searcy, Lisbeth, Mr.Coates, Little Speckled Pup Summary: While Mr.Coates is out of town, his son a 14 year old named Trvis is now the man of the house. While doing his manly chores he meets with a dog named Old Yeller. Before he hated him & after he saved his little brother , Arliss, from a big mama bear ,he begins to love him & together the are imseperable. My Personal Review : Old Yeller, a loving story, is very touching & unpredictable. Even with a heartbreaking ending I give it 5 stars for family love. Ouotes: " We can't take a chance son." She sobbed, "It would be you or me, or Little Arliss, or Lisbeth next. I'll shoot him if you can't, but either way we've got to do it, We just can't take a chance."
"But mama," I cried out,"Old Yeller's just saved your life! He's saved my life. He's saved Little Arliss life! We can't ..."
"But mama," I said,"We don't know for certain. We could wait & see. We could tie him up in the corncrib or someplace till' we know for sure." Cattle Drive Map:
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