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mark kazzi

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of DICTATORSHIP

Dictatorship is seen as an autocratic (an area of government in which a high power is in the hands of one person) or authoritarian form of government where a government is either ruled by an individual (dictator) or an authoritarian party.
WHAT is it ?
All around the world there are different types of ways people have been affected.
These include:
- Torcher
- Hard labor with low pay
- Slavery
- No rights
- Loss of family
- loss of body part (e.g Hand cut off for not following rules)
- No right of speach

and denial of human rights
HOW are people affected ?
and denial of human rights
- Burma, Than Shwe,
- China, Hu Jintao
- North Korea, Kim Jong Il
- Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe
- Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Abdullah

Where does it take place ?
who is involved ?
Robert Mugabe has been in power since 1980. while mugabe has been in power 70,000 people have been killed or tortured. With him as leader 70% of Zimbabwe is unemployed.
Than Shwe has been in power since 1992. He has been kidnapping children to make them soldiers. Burma has more child soldiers than any other country in the world.
Hu Jintao, power since 2002, has not cared about the rights of the citizens of china. he will kill if he has to.
North Korea
Kim Jong Il power since 1994 forces the people of North Korea to do what he wants. For the last 31 years North Korea has been at the bottom house ranking for the civil and political rights. there are approximately 150,000 Koreans doing forced labour in prison camps.
Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Abdullah has been leader since 1995.
Saudi Arabia does not hold election whatsoever.

It is forbidden for unrelated opposite sex to be seen together. Woman have hardly any rights in Saudi Arabia, they are also not allowed to testify on there behalf in divorce proceedings. children are also forbidden to play with barbie dolls.
WHY does this take place ?
Dictatorship happens because many reasons such as:
- Money
- Power
- dislike of a certain group of people
- Only want the best for oneself
- Want to be known
- Want to be afraid of
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