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The 5 Themes of Geography (Nepal)

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gracie mullins

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of The 5 Themes of Geography (Nepal)

5. Place
Physical: Mount Everest is located along the Northern border, between Nepal and China.

Human: In Nepal's capitol, Kathmandu, there is a Hindu temple called, Pashupatinath. Nepal's main religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. People get around by bus, taxi, rickshaw, and by foot.
Some popular foods include: Rasbari, a sugary milk ball and Jand, a liquor made from milletseeds.
3. Location
Absolute Location:
Nepal's latitude and longitude is 27.93 degrees North and 84.94 degrees East.

Relative Location:
Nepal is bordered by China and India.

1. Region
2. Movement
3. Location
4.Human-Enviroment interaction
5. Place
10.Tourist attractions
4. Human-Environment Interaction
-Locals make base camps on Mount Everest for the climbers.
-Nepal uses subsistence farming to farm rice in the mountinous regions, which means they grow just enough to meet their needs.
-88% of Nepal gets good water.
-The people of Nepal settle mostly on the hilly areas which cover about 65% of Nepal's land area.
2. Movement
-The Nepalese government tried to introduce better methods of irrigation and farming but were not successful.
-Lots of tourist flock to Nepal to climb Mount Everest in the Spring and Fall.
1. Region
Formal: Nepal has 75 districts. Some of them are Dolpa, Mustang, Kaski, and Rukum.

Fuctional: The Himalayan Times
delivers their newspaper to the
districts of Kathmandu,
Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.

Vernacular Regions:
By: Grace Mullins
The culture of Nepal is mostly Hindu. The common greeting in Nepal is "Namaste" which means I salute the god within you. The food in Nepal mainly consist of Asian themes.Chlothing in Nepal Men should wear a long shirt and trousers Women typically wear Sari(Skirt that hangs mid calf level).
Some famous people in Nepal are Jaharana bajrcharya shes known for movies such as Love in Nepal. The best city in Nepal is Kathandu its population is 1.00 millon.
Nepal's religion mostly contains of Hinduism(80.62) and then second would be Buddhist(10.74) then Muslim(4.20)and lastly Chirstanity(0.45)
The economy in Nepal is mostly Agrarian which basically is an economy that relies primarily on agricultrual industry like farming or crop production and then that also means that they rely on livestock as well
One of the best tourist attractions in Nepal is Mount Everest(The highest mountain in the world)it also has Pewa lake and Boundhanath (a Buaddha temple)
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