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The Holy Books of Allah

RS Presentation on The 4 Holy Books

Jennat Alamara

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of The Holy Books of Allah

The Holy Books Of Allah
Al - injeel
Al - torah
The holy books of Allah are four and they are:
Al - Tawrah (Torah) - Prophet Musa (Moses)
Zaboor (Psalms) - Prophet Dawud (David)
Al - Injeel (Bible) - Prophet Isa (Jesus)
Al - Qur'an (Qur'an) - Prophet Muhammad

These are in chronological order since they have been used for guidance by different Islamic Prophets and all were written by Allah. Muslims believe that God had sent down different scriptures to guide different nations in time because the circumstances and the challenges faced by them evolved from time to time. However, He had completed His guidance by sending the last book which is the Qur'an which is meant to guide all of Mankind until the end of time.
How many Holy Books are there?
How Do Muslims Know the Qur'an is Accurate?
In many ways, it is believed that God has made the Qur'an to be unchangeable and has kept it how it was ever since it was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 1400 years ago.

This is done by many people memorizing the Qur'an. the people who have done this are called Hafeez/Hafeezah.
Over 1 million people have done so and by doing this, the original meaning cannot be lost and if inaccurate, is easily changed back.
And what about The Bible?
Why Don't Muslims Use the Torah?
It was taken by the Jews and changes, it's now outdated. Today it is the holy book Of Judaism.
What about the Zaboor?
It is believed that The Zaboor contained many teachings and wisdoms of God. Many Muslims say that the original words were lost adn corrupted, thus today's moal is reliable. The changed Psalms of David are now found in the Bible.
Muslims believe that the translation and re-writing of the the Bible has caused it to be lost words. The original meaning has then not been found and so, like the Torah and the Zabur, cannot be relied upon to be accurate. The Bible now is followed by Christians.
One night, an angel visited him and ordered him to recite verses. The Prophet, being illiterate, said he was not able to do so. The angel asked him to do it again and again until he finally said : "Read in the name of your Lord who created (96.1). He created man from a clot (96.2). Read and your Lord is the most honorable (96.3) who teaches by the pen (96.4). He taught man what he did not know (96.5)."

After that, he ran home scared and told his wife the whole story, She said. "Indeed it is not an evil spirit, but a divine creature."

This was the first revelation.
Prohpet Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen by Allah to be a Prophet. From then on, The Prophet started to preach and teach the Meccans about Islam. The Qur'an was sent down gradually for 23 years.
Until this very day, Muslim's have read the same verses of the Qur'an like it was during the lifetime f the prophet.
How Was The Holy Qur'an revealed to the Prophet?
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a very spiritual and peaceful man who liked to spend his free time in a cave meditating and getting away from the busy city (Makkah).
Being very kind-hearted, he disliked the injustice that was prevalent in his society.
How Is The Qur'an Used In worship?
For Muslim's, it is compulsory to read the Qur'an at least once. It is believed that it must be done in Arabic as translation can be done incorrectly. Only Arabic has the exact meaning and words that God sent down. Therefore, muslims must strive to learn Arabic too.
What Does The Qur'an Contain?
The Qur'an contains stories about people in the past, what happened to them and the lessons to draw from them. There are stories about the messengers of God, their struggle to bring people to the right path. The other message is about God's creation. These include the universe, the planets and everything in them.

by jennat a
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