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Automobile mechanic

No description

patrick wolff

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Automobile mechanic

Automobile mechanic
Patrick Wolff
Average salary
2nd hour 17th
38,560 is the average in U.s. the average Minnesota salary is 32,000 which id say is pretty good for a husbamd and wife. or a small family.
it entails having alot of hands on skills and math dimesioms and science alittle on how things fit and work like machine wise and computer wise. to me this is a learn as you go job and i love it amd ive learned alot.
Skills and abilities!
Some skills you should have for being a mrchanic is knowledge of how machines and electronics work. And how they work correctly. And most mechanics are hands on people they do best working woth there hands. Abilities you should have is the mathematical skill and the machine science skill or skills.
College one
hutch community college, tuition isnt bad nice sizes of classes not to big some atjletic activities overall nice college.
College two
shorline community college, i like this one better than hutch because tuition is 50-70 percent cheaper than average and soccer which theynhave is a fun sport to watch. and i like them cause there mascot is a dlophin!
College three
arapahone college, i domt really like this one because they just dont seem like they got there stuff together. there was no result of a mascot and tuition was average.
this job is rising quite fast job wise and need wise the outlook for this job is suprisingly high. between 2006 and 2016 the outlook on this job is expected to rise 17 percent.
Helpful courses!
Courses you could take to help you with this career are courses like ag mechanics and small engines so you can learn all the basic engine parts and learn them and practice them before you hit the real world. sciience and math are also a good help in this career.
Why this career?
i want this career because i love cars i love being around engines any kind really but i prefer cars because they fit me best i am a hands on learimg person i want to ne a mechanic so i can get paid doing somethimg i love to do i just love it.
Scholarship 1
The no esaay scholarip. for 2000 dollars
Scholarship 2
apsa of illinois ralph silverman scholarship earned from automotive work.
Scholarship 3
american muscle working on muscle cars the scholarship is worth 2000
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