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Mrs. Tinio's Minute to Win It Physics Project

This is an example of a physics project I'm doing with my 8th grade students for the first time this year. It's centered around a Minute to Win It game of their choice. They have guidelines to follow as far as what is required in their project and must

M Tinio

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Mrs. Tinio's Minute to Win It Physics Project

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Mrs. Tinio presents
A Minute To Win It Physics Project
Face the Cookie
Materials Needed
1. A package of Oreo cookies

2. Your face

3. Paper towels
for clean up

4. Timer set for
60 seconds
The Rules
What physics concepts are related to this game?
1. Friction
2. Unbalanced forces
3. Newton's 1st Law of Motion
4. Gravity
5. Work
The Physics Explained
Unbalanced Forces
Newton's 1st Law
"Opposing forces between two surfaces"
Real life example:

Friction in this game is betwen the Oreo cookie & your face. It prevents it from falling off your face immediately.
Rough surface = more friction
Smoother surface = less friction
Shoe surface and ground surface touch
Explain what it is
Provide & explain using a real life example
Explain how this concept is involved in your game
So ... Was I able to do it?!
This is where I'd insert a clip or picture of me
winning at this game (and thus, at life).
1. Official website of NBC's Minute to Win It show

2. Blueprint clip for Face the Cookie game

3. Clipart of Orea cookie

4. Clipart of timer
Thank you!
good luck.
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