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Video Editing

No description

Enrique Umana

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Video Editing

Video Editing
By: Enrique Umaña Requirements 1.Have a reliable video editing source (You Tube, I Movie, etc.) What is video editing? Video editing is a resource to present ideas in a creative way using various resources to make it look more professional. You can include images, text, audio and many more. Effects There are many types of effects that can be used in a video, such as in video effects and side effects, which are effects that make the video look prettier but are not essential. The majority of the effects used in a video are side effects, but in movies the in video effects are always present, like the "flying" space ships in Star Wars movies. An example of a side effect would be the backgrounds of the titles in I Movie. Trimming To trim means to cut. In a video you have to trim the unnecessary seconds or parts of the clip that don't contribute to the final product. You have to elect the desired part to trim and then click on delete. The parts that are most likely to be trimmed are the ones at the end of each clip, for example when the camera stops recording the clip freezes, that part is necessary to trim because it doesn't contribute to the final product. Audio Finally, one of the last things you can use for your final presentation to be a lot more creative is the audio customizations. You can add any type of music you want to to accompany the video and make it look more fun. The audio has to be related to the topic, for example, if your project is about cars, you're not going to put classical music but some music that kind of relates to the main topic, such as rock. Music is not the only audio options available, if you want your voice to appear in the video, you record it and place it. These types of audio are the most successful in the video editing are because you can also trim the song at any point desired. 2. Have the clip or clips you want to include in the presentation. 3. Cut the unnecessary parts of the clip in order for it to look more professional and get the final copy quickly. 4.Have some audio backup such as music for your presentation These aspects are vital for the final product to look professional and are very recommended by the experts.
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