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US Army

No description

Chris Hope

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of US Army

The subject I like best is History

I want to improve in Math

I am involved in skateboarding

The two people I talk to about my future is my Grandpa and my Dad How do people become a sniper?
After joining the military and going through basic training, you enlist in sniper school. How much money does a sniper earn?
Standard combat pay (starts at 1200 a month), depending on rank. What is the working environment like?
A lot of continous training, a loud environment and working outside. What are two big advantages of being a sniper?
Less chance of death and promotion comes faster with better pay. What are two disadvantages?
You are mostly alone and you see the people you kill. What type of personality traits are need to become a sniper?
The willingness to learn, being quiet and pratice. Where can people go to learn to be a sniper?
The military trains snipers and some police agencies.
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