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Julia Alvarez

No description

Allie Del Savio

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Julia Alvarez

first novel
- How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents-
recieved great critical praise
has published many more novels including
, Return to Sender
Before We Were Free
an English and Creative writing professor at many colleges including:
Philips Andover Acadamy, MA.
University of Illinois, IL.
George Washington University
Middlebury College, VT.
Owns organic coffee farm- Alta Gracia
Attended Conneticut College (1967-1969)
Studied literature/writing at Middlebury College she graduated (1971)
Attended Syracuse University, (1975)
Studied at the Bread Loaf School of English, (1979-1980)
By Allie Del Savio
Julia Alvarez
born March 27, 1950 in New York City
3 months old moved to Dominican Republic
moved back to New York at 10 years old
went to private boarding school in Connecticut
Julia Alvarez
Personal Life
64 years old
married to Bill Eichner- June 3 1989
has one stepdaughter
lives with husband in Vermont
What Critics Say
"This vivid and engaging collection proves (Alvarez) to be a talented poet"
"A growing list of ethnic writers breaking into mainstream American literature, but as with the best and most authentic side of divesity, her voice is a universal one"
Benjamin T. Marshall Poetry Prize
Creative Writing Fellowship
Third Woman Press Award
Jessica Nobel-Maxwell Poetry Prize
first became inspired to write in high school
inspired by her new life in the United States
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