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Lillianne Smith

No description

Susan Baker

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of Lillianne Smith

Lillianne Smith

Neur Tribe

"The Neur tribe is in Africa mostly in Southern Sudan in the east upper Nile province around the junction of the Sobat rivers, and extending up the Sobat rivers, and Ethiopian border."

The Neur tribe have a scarificing right, they are like permanent tattoos they make cuts in the flesh deep enough to make a permanent design.
"men wear consists of long loose-fitting white or pastel-colored robe (called jalabiya),( head dress a skull cap or turban), and shoes."


" the national costum of Sudanese woman
call a toob."
Peppers, garlic, meatballs and pastries were introduced by settlers.
"The introduction to cattle in this area is related to the development of the distinct peoples the Neur are descended from."

"The main crops are Sorghum, maize (Jikany most probably adopted from the Anyuak) and tobacco."
"The aath believe in kuoth (god) the creator but like others, believers in the tradition system of beliefs have not systematized these beliefs."

“Resembles flag of Kenya
Black represents the black the African people of southern white represents Sudas peace for how many lives have been lost.Red represents the blood of the gallant freedom and justice fighters who have been lost in the many years of conflict.”




They only “build temporary houses in wet-season settlements settlements have circular mud walls over stick frames with thickened roofs.”

"Most of Naath homeland is located in the swamp areas of Upper Nile."which means the swamp have muddy water. Which means it might be hard to get clean water if they live in a place where water is so muddy.
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