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Camden Guidelines

No description

ray stanbrook

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Camden Guidelines

Camden Council corporate design guidelines Elements in the identity toolkit Colour palette and Typeface Imagery Devices Logo Our identity toolkit consists of four key elements. These are our logo, colour palette, typefaces, and how we use imagery. It is the way that these elements work together that creates Camden's visual identity. Our logo is unique and instantly recognisable to our audiences, therefore it has not been changed. However, to provide a more modern feel and consistent application it will always be represented in black on a white background or white on a coloured background. A strong and bold device. Its clean, simple lines represent a confident and modern organisation.

*the colour block will always be represented in a core Camden colour. Within our house style you will have the option of using either illustration or photography. Our illustrative style uses silhouettes of Camden people and places in our colour palette. Our photographic style also uses Camden people and places.

The two styles are linked through the strong, bold and vibrant use of colour. Colour block We have introduced six core Camden colours to help build house style recognition. These colours offer enough flexibility to meet the needs of an organisation which provides such a diverse range of services. The range incorporates the following tones: neutral and professional, natural and earthy and vibrant and modern.

The core Camden colours are complemented by a flexible secondary palette.
The traditional Camden green has been retained in the secondary palette. Font Camden brand Examples Apple (green) – represents health, life and new beginnings. These natural associations mean that green is a peaceful colour that provides balance and stability. Very useful to use for environmental, sustainability and health and wellbeing services. Coral - has a cheerful nature and generally induces a feeling of warmth. This will be inviting and good to use for more sensitive or social services Plum – is a dependable colour with a professional feel. It is flexible and can be used to complement a wide range of stronger colours. Pink – a warm, exciting and fun colour. It represents health and maturity. Would be suitable to continue use for corporate campaigns such as the Camden plan and Fast forward 2014. Purple – a regal colour that has a sense of ceremony and it’s positive associations often include wisdom. This will work well for representing a high quality and trustworthy organisation. Main political colours Local authority logos Local authority websites Local authority websites We use a Mackney filter to draw out the vibrancy within the image. Secondary - Helvetica is good for body copy as it is the most accessible font Primary - Museo font is a modern, bold and versatile font Grey – impression of sophisticated and professional, therefore is widely used in design. Applying social media icons – these are signposts for active involvement, inclusion and open conversations. Images
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