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Australian federation: influential people

Sir Henry Parkes, Sir Edmund Barton, Sir Alfred Deakin and George Reid

N Kostraba

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Australian federation: influential people

Influential people Australian Federation Sir Henry Parkes Sir Henry Parkes, Sir Edmund Barton, Sir Alfred Deakin and George Reid all made federation possible. The father of federation.

His speeches were very influential on the movement toward Federation. Australia's First Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton Second Prime Minister of Australia Sir Alfred Deakin Australia's fourth Prime Minister George Reid Sir Henry Parkes had the initial idea of Federation. In October 1889, in what became known as the 'Tenterfield Address' he called for the colonies to 'unite and create a great national government for all Australia'. The movement had begun to gather real momentum after Henry Parkes wrote to the other premiers in 1889 and proposed a meeting to devise a Federal constitution. In 1889, Barton declared his support for Parkes' ideas expressed in the speech at Tenterfield and got involved with the federation campaign from then onwards. Barton gave many speeches in support of federation. He liked the idea of the federation movement being something that many Australian people and communities would be a part of. In 1900, he spent time in London while the British parliament debated the Constitution Bill, which was the proposed law that would allow the Australian colonies to federate and become an independent nation. Alfred Deakin was the Victorian representative at the Federation talks. He started the Australian Natives' Association which was a group just for white Australian born men. This group gave federation a really powerful beginning. George Reid did not support federation at first but he had an active role in shaping the Constitution. Reid convinced many people in NSW to vote against federation because he believed the constitution would disadvantage people in NSW. The referendum failed in NSW, this meant that Reid could make changes to the constitution.
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