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The University of Birmingham -

No description

Georgia Tooby

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The University of Birmingham -

Social Life
Birmingham night life!
Broad Street is the place to experience Birmingham city's night life and is home to Birmingham's biggest night club 'Gatecrasher'!

Stupid Tuesdays: Players
Vodbull Thursdays: Snobs

Staying Safe
To stay safe, stay in numbers!

- Never leave your drink unattended!
- Try and be familiar with the area that the social will be held at in case you get lost.
- Always eat before going out as eating on an empty stomach is never a good thing.
- Make sure you have a few taxi numbers saved in your phone.
- Finally....know your limits!
University is not going to be easy....your working for a degree!

However University offers you a great social life for many opportunities, its just part of the transferable skills you will gain throughout the whole experience.

Will you make the most of what Birmingham University has to offer you?

When it comes to freshers there are a few things you need to make sure you do!

The University of Birmingham - Social Aspects

The main aim of university is to obviously further your education and gain a degree, however it does not stop you having a good time! Depending if you want to get involved in societies or simply enjoy a night out, here at Birmingham there is something for everyone.

One word often associated with university is 'Freshers'. Weeks of socials which kicks off all interaction with fellow
1. Make sure you get a ticket; Freshers plus, freshers standard and freshers ball. (All purchased from the Guild of student). THEY DO SELL OUT!
2. Come prepared: Freshers week is not cheap so expect to spend money.
3. Approach people: You may be nervous but everyone is in the same position.
4. Get involved: Try something new, attend the freshers fair and sign up for new experiences.

If you follow these 4 rules you will definitely make the most of freshers.

With over 204 societies and volunteer schemes there are many to choose from;
- Human vs Zombies
- Subject (psychosoc)
- Sky Diving

Remember if you cant find a society for you...create one!

Freshers isn't the end of socials, societies become the main source throughout the study year which are often held at bars/clubs in the city.

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