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Atlantic Slave Trade

No description

Adriana Stewart-Reid

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Atlantic Slave Trade

Atlantic Slave Trade
Africans usually were auctioned off to the highest bidder. After being sold, slaves worked in mines or fields or as domestic servants. Slaves lived a grueling existence. Many lived on little food in small dreary huts. They workes long days and suffered beatings. In much of the Americas slavery was a life long condition, as well.
Detail 2
They coped with the horrors of slavery by singing,dancing,keeping there religion, art and being
Detail 3
They made themselves less productive by breaking tools, uprooting plants, and working slowly.
Detail 4
In African ports European traders packed Africans into the dark holds of large ships. On, board Africans endured whippings & swept through the vessel. Numerous Africans died from disease or physical abuse aboard the slave ships. Many other committed suicide by drowning. Scholars estimate that roughly 20% of the Africans aboard each slave shipperished during the brutal trip.
a.) North America importad surgar, molasses, slaves, manufactures, and gold.North America exported cotton, tabacoo, rum, and sugarcane.
b.) South America imported slaves and gold. South America exported tabacco.
c.)Africa imported tabacco, rum, manufactures, and guns. Africa exported slaves and gold.
d.) Europe imported slaves, Ivory, gum, sugar, molasses, cotton, tabacco, rum, and gold.They expoted manufactures and guns.
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