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Sune Schutte

on 26 April 2013

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THE END Industry Integration Project BWIN 815 THE DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE KENNEDY NOSIE SYSTEM IN EXCEL Questions?? Create a new and improved Excel database that contains all of the information of the patients, including their KNOSIE scores
Create the different comparison reports required by the client
Create a report per patient (if time allows) Project objectives The End Questions? We will create a new and improved, password protected Excel database (Kennedy NOSIE based) and use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in order to generate, from that data, the different reports needed. Summary Risks 1. A FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM which calculates , stores
and exports the summaries of the patients evaluation
and automatically updates the Kennedy NOSIE
database, indicating where attention to specific patients
are crucial and where discharging a patient is an
option. Deliverables Report example: (paste example of graphic report here) Example of GUI for Database Total Project Scope Creating automated graphical reports on a
monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, with regards
to the efficiency of the Kennedy NOSIE ranking system. Problem Statement Problem Statement
Problem Description
Project Scope
Project Objectives
Project Strategy
Project Approach
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Plan
Project Fees
Assumptions & Conditions
Measures of Success
Questions Agenda: Create a new and improved Excel based system that captures all the information of the patients, including their Kennedy NOSIE scores.

Create the different comparison reports required by the client. Project Objectives Project Scope (Our main focus) Problem Description Consolidation Database Reports Evaluation The Kennedy NOSIE was created for use by nurses by Dr James Kennedy.

The Nurses’ Observation Scale for Inpatient Evaluation (NOSIE) is a highly sensitive ward behavior rating scale for psychiatric in-patients.

The ratings are based on observation of the patient’s
behavior and mental health.

Assistants interact directly with patients over three days and observe their behavior during those interactions and score them accordingly.

Stakeholders: Nurses, Management and CEO’s, Witrand Hospital Background Example of Report Generator GUI Deliverables
2. A REPORT which gives all the relevant graphs
needed for presentation to the relevant parties. Examples of Reports To Be Generated 3. Testing &
Validation 3.3 Final Project
Report Number of captured reports
per Impairment Group % Males per Impairment Group % Females per
Impairment Group Average age on admission per Impairment Group ALOS per impairment group Average admission score Example of GUI for Consolidation Form In Scope Link with
database Out of Scope Create combined graphs for
purposes Graphs
patient Graphs
patient Create
combined graphs
for reporting
purposes Link with
database Monthly
Report Quarterly
Report Yearly
Report Work Breakdown Structure Kennedy
Project Project Plan Project Fees Assumptions & Conditions Assumptions The data is accurate.
The graphs needed are specified. Conditions Maintenance to the project will stop on 30 June 2013.
Timely feedback from the client is a given.
Staff (new & old) will be trained in using the system. 1.) Risk of data being documented
and/or exported incorrectly. Probability Impact Mitigation 2.) Risk of inconsistent
fields in the data set . Probability Impact Mitigation Medium to High Medium HIGH Medium Training of New Staff
Provided Data Input Basic User Guidelines
Training of New Staff before Usage Measures of Success Create
form with
database Create
form with
database Project Strategy Project Approach Firstly for this project the aim will be to automate the procedure of adding information to the main database.

Secondly to use specific information in the database to draw up the relevant graphs.

And lastly these automated functions needs to be done in Excel, while also protecting the data against the possibility of tampering. Document basic user guidelines Document
basic user
guidelines Deliverables 3. Basic user guidelines on the procedure to
follow when using the Excel Databases. Example of Basic User Guidelines There are three main tasks that needs to be completed for this project to be successful: These steps consist of numerous sub-steps which will be discussed next. 1. Administration THE DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE KENNEDY NOSIE SYSTEM IN EXCEL 2.Design & Programming 3. Testing &
Validation Project Approach 1.1 Initiation Meeting
1.2 Business Case
1.3 Project Proposal
1.4 Project Review
1.5 Project Close -Out 2.1 Consolidation Form 1. Administration 2.2 Create Database 2.2 Create Database 2.2 Create Database 3.2 Client Validation 2. Design &
Programming The final report of what this project entailed,
needs to be compiled. 2.1 Create
Consolidation Form This form needs to be automated to ensure that data read into the database is in the right format and also only submitted by the authorized parties.

To automate this form a Graphic User Interface is created which reads the captured data into the main database. This step entails updating the existing Excel database to:
be password protected
capture relevant information
draw up required graphs The graphs that needs to be generated are as follow: 1. Captured Reports vs. Actual Discharges
2. KNOSIE: Number of captured reports per Impairment Group
3. KNOSIE: % Captured reports per impairment group
4. KNOSIE: % Children per Impairment Group
5. KNOSIE: % Males per Impairment Group
6. KNOSIE: % Females per Impairment Group
7. KNOSIE: Average age on admission per Impairment
8. KNOSIE: ALOS per impairment group
9. KNOSIE: Average admission score: Total
10. KNOSIE: Average discharge score: Total
11. KNOSIE: Average Gain per Impairment Group
12. KNOSIE: % Efficiency per Impairment Group
13. KNOSIE: Average admission score: Children
14. KNOSIE: Average discharge score: Children
15. KNOSIE: Average Gain per Impairment Group
16. KNOSIE: % Efficiency per Impairment Group
17. KNOSIE: Average admission score
18. KNOSIE: Average discharge score: Males
19. KNOSIE: Average Gain per Impairment Group: Males
20. KNOSIE: % Efficiency per Impairment Group: Males
21. KNOSIE: Average admission score: Females
22. KNOSIE: Average discharge score: Females
23. KNOSIE: Average Gain per Impairment Group: Females
24. KNOSIE: % Efficiency per Impairment Group: Females 2.2 Create Database Example of graphs generated 2.3 Create Basic
User Guidelines Do simulations of graphs and compare with examples received.
Test Consolidation for and information input into database. Show completed project to client and ensure they are satisfied. 3.1 Test Project Example of a System Example of Report Generator Project Plan- Continued Create
form with
database Milestones Regarding the successful completion of this project the following milestones and their interim milestones have been identified:

1. Initiation Meeting
2. Business Case
• Design & Programming Research
3. Project Proposal
• Programming on the Database
• Complete basic research
4. Project Review
• Programming the Graphs
• Completed Programming the Database
• Password protected database
5. Project Close-Out
• Finished Basic User Guidelines
• Tested system finalized
• Have project deliverables validated by client
• Project procedure guide completed
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