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Outdoor cinema


Roy Teeh

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Outdoor cinema

Outdoor Cinema Guests verbatim...... Increase GSM score – Enhance Guest Experience

Increase Revenue

Increase GSM score – Diversified facilities to offer guests

Increase GSM score – Quality of equipment Additional Benefits Eefectos especials i visuales John Williams . Ganador de 5 premios Oscar.
. 4 premios Globo de Oro.
. 48 veces nominado a los premios Oscar.
. 52 veces nominado a los premios Grammy.
. 21 veces nominado a los Globo de Oro.
• Indiana Jones
• Tiburón
• ET
• Superman
• Parque Jurásico Even more Benefits! 28 de diciembre 1895 Recreation enhancement Mar 12, 2013 “There should be more shop and activities in the hotel”
“Lack of hotels’ activities”
“I’m expecting the hotels have more activities”
"During winter when the pool's closed, even more boring" M U C A S G R I S T H A K S N Total Cost of Outdoor Cinema For banquet
Good upsell opportunities and make HKDL banquet differentiated from others

For Corporate Client
Propose rental price: HK$ 9,000 – 10,000 net per event (based on our current equipment rental fee)
Around 10 events each year

For Recreation
System could be utilized as an audio system alone to enhance outdoor activities Outdoor Movie Night
Venue: Pool side
Behind the pool

Outdoor Video Game Tournament
Venue: Pool side
Behind the Pool

Outdoor Carnival
Easter / Mid Autumn For Hotel Guests For outdoor
corporate clients Kids Parties
Birthday party , Graduate party

Private Parties

Team Building
Sharing /briefing

Evening Cocktail
Corporate Events
Parties, Wedding

BBQ Dinner Event
Corporate Events, Wedding
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