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illuminati conspiracy theorie

No description

Josh Braunstein

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of illuminati conspiracy theorie

The Illuminati did exist and was started in 1776 by Aamil Dharani as a secret society, but they were secret only to protect themselves from persecution by the all powerful Roman Catholic church. They were all very intelligent and respected scientists philosophers and logical thinkers. One of the original members was Galileo who proved that the earth rotated around the sun,(which it does) but the church thought that the sun rotated around the earth because the earth is the center of the universe.(which it isn't) Even though Galileo was right he was held under house arrest for many years. conspiresy theorys:
their are many conspiresy theorys linked with the Illuminati and some are crazyer then others like why do people belive it: logical fallacies: why do famous people use clues of the illuminati in therebwork. what are some symbols

the all seeing eye
the swastika or sun wheel
666 hand sign
the apple logo different people in it logical fallacies is it real Once the church lost its power, nearly 200 years ago, the Illuminati ceased to exist because scientist could be pursued openly and there was no need for secret societies. As a matter of interest, Galileo was a devout Roman Catholic. He also died about 200 years before the secret society was formed in Bavaria and the two groups may have been connected but were not the same entity. The New World Order (the Illuminati taking over the world) would have happened many decades ago if it was going to happen at all, but it would not of happened like all the conspiracy theories say how it would happen with devil worshipers. The whole thing was a malicious rumor set about the Roman Catholic Church to discredit the Illuminati and to maintain their own dubious integrity. Eventually rumors developed over time to conspiracy theories. These conspiracy theories is most likely what you know today about the Illuminati like the, Freemason, or the New world order, and the fact that the Illuminati still even exists The apple logo was meant to be a mockery of the concept of the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve
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