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Enspire Learning's Storyboards for the Alienware ARG. Presented on May 15, 2009.

David Crumley

on 8 October 2009

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It’s 4:30 on Friday June 5, 2009 at Dell.
Most of the time, people are trying to get out of here before the traffic builds up on 35,
but that’s the last thing on Jeffs mind.He has to make a choice.

Join the aliens...or fight them.

Either way, he is feeling ALL POWERFUL.

And he knows Alienware is ALL POWERFUL.

This is not the typical Friday at Dell.... It all started three weeks ago. There was a blog post of the VP standing and shaking hands with a woman identified as Sara Achan holding a cake shaped like the Alienware logo.

It's the sort of customer appreciation PR thing that might get posted to the Dell blog any day of the year.

Jeff notices the post, and moves on.

But to anyone taking a closer look, somethings a little off. The date May 29th is barely legible in grey frosting on the side of the cake.

A single candle placed irreverantly in between the aliens eyes, burns.

The reflection in the glass behind them that should be of them, isn't.

It looks strangely like an alien.

The fuse has been lit. On May 29th, it goes off.

The VP is dramatically abducted during the All Hands.

Jeff remembers the picture from a week earlier. Jeff IMs the guy he goes running with in the cubicle next to him about the alien shadow he's found in the reflection of the picture.

By now, everyone at Dell is talking about this. June 2. All Hands. The VP Returns.
And he has a message from the Aliens. He talks about what he’s learned. The magnificent power he's seen.

While he's talking, he pulls out a folded piece of paper from his pocket.
Without missing a beat. He continues talking while unfolding the picture.
He holds it to the camera. Still talking about the Alien culture.

On the picture is a hand, an egg, a lipstick container, and puzzle piece.
Below it a ship, an ant, a rabbit and another ant.
Jeff is entertained and intrigued.

This is totally not like Dell.The VP tells everyone that the Aliens have a message for all of us and directs them to the training portal.
At the same time Jeff recieves an email directing him to the same training. He clicks on the link.

This is the rabbit hole. The game has begun. Jeff goes to the link from his email.

He finds a page with four rotating earths with a highlighted location and a date for each.The dates are Sept. 16 2009
June 30, 1908
Oct 15, 1996
July 17, 1947
Below the globes is a web address in the alien language.

Jeff doesn’t know it yet but later on this will be extremely important.The following instructions are posted:“Human recruits have 4 days to identify success parameters and complete the mission.The first 50 to successfully complete Priority 1 will be given a token of our appreciation.

Hint: www.allpowerful.com” All of a sudden, the page changes.
An image pops up over the globes with a messagethat seems like it was just posted
in realtime from the aliens:“Asset 589-BX--DVP has violated the communication protocol
by showing this unapprovedimage. Images of this nature have been identified as liabilities.
We require your cooperation in researchng and reporting of similar visual communications
found on the following location:vimeo.com/344565.Join us weaklings.”Jeff goes to the Vimeo link. There is a video of a hand with the glyph for “H”, static, egg with glyph,static, lipstick with glyph, static, puzzle piece with glyph. Jeff goes to allpowerful.com and notices some of the same glyphs in the video.
He begins to use the site as a decoder. Jeff figures out the glyphs in the video spell the word... HELP Jeff makes the connection to the same images on the picture held by the VP and deciphers that to spell... HELP SARA Jeff’s getting excited. He begins to translate the alien URL in Priority 1, but 8 of the characters are missing.He wonders if its the same Sara as the blog post. Goes back to Vimeo, looks at the first comment posted by someone named Duncan.It reads, “This may sound crazy but I think this looks like something my friend Sara Achan would do. I just Googled her and I think she’s in trouble.” Jeff Googles Sara Achan and finds her MySpace page. He finds out that she is a hardcore gamer and Alienware fanatic.

He find a link to her blog that was started only a week ago. Saras blog starts with her anticipating the arrival of an Alienware system. The blogs end on the same day the VP was abducted. Strange things were happening after sheopened the box. Jeff determines that Sara is the source of the videos. He returns to greetingsweaklings.com and emails the aliens and gets a automated response that says”Well done. Await further instructions tomorrow.” Jeff goes home and tells his wife about the cool day he's had at work. Jeff shows up at work 10 minutes early.
And he’s glad he did because he has an email from the aliens.
It directs him to return to greetingsweaklings.com. The graphic has changed.
The earths seem to be getting closer together.
There is a new Priority:Potential hostile element identified:
reconnaisance required.Investigate source of first post at yesterday’s location
and return withcoordinates.Jeff goes to the vimeo site and clicks on Duncan's profile.
Duncan is a anti-conspiracy theorist, a sceptic.

There is a link to his page. He’s looking for Sara. Duncan doesn’t believe in aliens. he’s logical, rational, and likes to play Tetris.
The latest post:"I just got this link, I think it’s from Sara, but I cant’ figure it out. I think she‘s trying to tell me where she is. But why me?""I’ve been searching on under custom content in google maps but I don’t know what word to search for."The link takes takes Jeff to a flickr photos set that spells out “Omnipotent” with visuals. Jeff searches google maps for omnipotent and finds:
A custom google map that highlights where Duncan is blogging from.

Jeff completes Priority 3 an awaits further instructions. Jeff arrives at work expecting an email from the aliens, but there’s an email from duncan. “You have no idea how hard it was to get in touch with you. I don’t know who you are, butI implore you to stop helping them. Whoever they are. Maybe if they trust you,Don’t you realize they can’t win without your help. They may have the technology, but you’re more powerful than they realize. At this point, I think Saras dead. I’m going mobile. I’m starting to get scared.Thanks to you , they know where I am. There’s still time to choose to make things right.Here’s my twitter link. Help me if you can.D”Jeff goes to Duncan’s twitter feed and over the course of the day there are cryptic twitter messages related to unexplained mysteries that when solved spell out Round Rock.In the late afternoon, the feeds haltingly with “They’re coming. I nee”Last feed. “Mobile device of Hostile subject xp56-67df . Location of subject unknown. Tomorrow All Must Choose” Jeff gets into work with an email from aliens directing him to go to greetingsweaklings.com While Jeff goes through the communication, there flashes a picture of a familiar face. There’s something out there.Around us. among us. inside us all.
Pushing the limits of reality and imagination.
Of what we can become.
Be it conquer, destroy, discover or achieve, it remains.
A desire to get better, be better, become the best.
The ultimate quest to become...


You must choose now. It’s Sara. The text next to her picture says.

”I’m alive.
We can use their technology against them.
But I need Duncan. You can join them, or fight them. The only priority left is priority 1 which is already 80% translatable.Jeff is directed to another Vimeo site where he sees footage of the last glyphs he need to decipher Priority 1.Solving it, he excitedly goes to the final puzzle.The puzzle is a comprehensive overview of the Alienware Brand, apparently given by the aliens.there are instructions that say:“Confirmation of your loyalty is required. Complete the following communication and present location of hostile subject to our network." It’s 4:30 on Friday June 5, 2009 at Dell. Most of the time, people are trying to get out of here before the traffic builds up on 35, but that’s the last thing on Jeffs mind.
He has to make a choice.
Help Sara or help the aliens.

Like the Alienware brand itself.Around the watercooler, in emails, IMs, etc.
everyone is talking about their choice and debating the ramifications. Over the rest of the summer, in bits and pieces, they will find out.
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